Wednesday, July 31, 2013

WEEK 2 -- Peru MTC

Hey familia!

So the internet is crazy slow today so I am writing my letter in a notepad while I wait for the computer to connect to he internet so I can see what you said.

Week two complete! Things are going well in the CCM. It has really sped up from the first week and I am doing great. This week was largely full of just classes and learning, classes and learning, classes and learning but we had some really cool things happen which I will talk about soon. Email time is what I really look forward to...but it is also the hardest time too.

So...our daily schedule here is mostly, wake up, be really tired, eat a really gross breakfast, sit in class until lunch, eat a bland solid lunch usually meat, rice, and potatoes. After lunch, we sit and study personally for language and gospel stuff, then PHYSICAL ACTIVITY, some class, dinner...and then teach a lesson to our teacher (hmo. Bejar or Lester for the lessons), then eat some fruit and go to bed. It gets really tiring but I am adapted to the schedule so I am just trucking through.
Peru MTC (CCM)
I love my distrito soooooo much! They are some of my best friends ever. We are diverse, but we are strong together and have soooo much fun. It is kinda bad, cause we easily get distracted during study time, but we are working on that. jaja (thats how they laugh in spanish) Elder Rogers is just like Joey Hyer, from how he looks to how he acts. We have such a great time, and we have felt the Spirit so strong. Other times...we just die laughing.

The first group of latinos left this morning at that was early...and sad. All of the experienced gringos left as well so the CCM is basically empty and it's the perfect day for a p-day. The temple is closed so we had three hours of shopping time. I just basically got 35 soles of cookies and soda, that's about ten bucks. And yes I bought a coin bag, because no one uses bills here...(wallet with pocket-mom) jaja. No churros today though. I love  going outside of the CCM because we get to see a little of Peru. Where we are is in a really wealthy area, so its like downtown provo without the big buildings or any trafic sketchy. Peruvians are insane...and tiny. the average man comes up to my shoulder, so thanks for feeding me well mom. Looks like my internet loaded, but I won't be able to share any pics today.

So...the highlight of this week was definitely Sabado.  On Sabado, we got to go proselyting!!! Holy cow! we loaded onto five buses and the drove us an hour away. I thought we were going to die on the way there...the streets were so crazy and packed. I was teamed up with a latino who I could not even understand. They dropped us off in the middle of a town that had one paved road down the middle, and the rest were just dirt roads like Lambert Park.  It was like Lambert roads with little brick shacks with plywood roofs.  You have to know that I loved it. We taught two lessons and had quite a few contacts. The people are really humble and accepting.  We had such a great experience. Teaching real lessons to real people in real Peru. BEAT THAT PROVO MTC!  

Elder B from Bountiful who is also going to Piura, was on a bus where we went and this big fat drunk guy came up to him and started slapping his face and rambling off in Spanish. So funny! We call Elder B, Elder Passion because he freaks out really fast and gets really passionate really easy. But I really like him. Proselyting was so awesome.

Today we managed our time perfectly so we had one and a half hours of futbol time, a nap, three hours of shopping, and then, of course, all of the laundry. So fun! The MTC is empty so it is wonderful not to have lines anywhere. It is a really beautiful campus, but the weather is frustrating, its always mildly warm and always cloudy. It can be a little cold...but I am from Utah and can handle it.

This week was a little hard just because I got pretty sick. On Sunday I got a cold for several days, then on Tuesday, I got the 'siempres' for like five days. No bueno. I am doing better now, but it is still on close watch. It is no fun. Cold and siempres are no good. I don´t know if its the food or a bug, but I think I got rid of it.

Elder Wilkinson and I are doing great. We get along really well and have only argued when we talk about 'Books of Mormon' or 'Book of Mormons'. We settled on copies of the Book of Mormon. 

I am so happy that Lexi is going to EFY, I really wanted to wish her a happy half birthday, but I know you just sent her away so there wouldn't be any "it's my half birthday tomorrow" jaja.

I have been doing really well homesickness wise...mainly because I am so busy that there is no time to think about it. I miss you, but I am doing well. I love you all so much, from family to friends...and truly I wish you could be here with me. But this is awesome!

If you happen to feel the same way, feel free to visit 'dearelder' or pouchmail to send me something. PLEASE!! jaja! 

I just got called down to the admin I have got to run!

Love you all sooooo much. Have a happy time. And keep doing good!

Love Elder Bradshaw

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