Monday, July 27, 2015



I hope that all is going well at home. Sounds like it is with all of the wonderful letters. Thanks for always making me feel loved. I have been so blessed here.

To start things off....ANDERSON WAS BAPTIZED!!!!! This guy is a rock star. Hes got goals to go on a mission, and he is preparing to recieve the priesthood. He passed through tons of hard hard things this week, but he was really strong and was able to be baptized Saturday. Paita is a desert and our church doesn't usually have
running water, so we had to bring the water in from another area.  So...They filled up a huge tank of water and they brought it in to fill up the font. And guess who was there in front helping the most....ANDERSON. I have
never seen a convert carry his own water to fill up his own font! He wasn’t baptized in the ocean, but in the church. He is a wonderful convert, and I am so excited to see his progress here in a couple of years. I am sure he’s going to go on a mission...and he will be great.

Zack at the baptism of one of his favorite people, Anderson!

Other than the baptism, this week was a little rough. Honestly...some of it was pretty hard. We had two service projects....1)carrying over 100 buckets of sand and 2) carrying a ton of rocks. And I don’t feel like I have really recovered from that bit of service. I somehow hurt my back in all of that lifting and it’s been bothering me since then. On top of that, I’ve had a wicked-mean cough for the past week, and a giant head ache now for two days. I still don’t feel like I am all the way done with it, but I am feeling better. After the baptism, I just fell on the bed and we just called it a day, because my whole body was just hurting so much. I feel better, and am recovering a little by little. On top of that....NO ONE HAS BEEN HOME for these two weeks...where is everybody?????....Seriously, we haven’t been able to teach too much, which makes everything pretty rough as well.  I’m always happier when we get to teach.

Is it bad to say that there have been a couple days when I look at the sky, and think of the “ding....Thank you for flying with Delta, I hope you have enjoyed your flight...” or the escalator...or Mc Muffins...or stuff like that. jaja

I’m trying to keep on going. I really do feel happy, it’s just been a little rough.

My favorite scripture from my studies this week.... 3 Nefi 18:35
“And now I go unto the Father, because it is expedient that I should go unto the Father for your sakes.”

I have to go home, and I wouldn’t be obedient if I didn’t go home. I LOVE the Peruvian people and its going to break my heart to leave them to go home, but I am so happy to see you all. I love this place, and this people. Just thinking about leaving them hurts me.

So…here’s some questions (FROM MOM)...

-What did you admire most about President Rowley?
His example of work, simplicity, and love. He is one of the greatest priesthood leaders I have ever met.

-What lessons have you learned from him?
They are countless.

-How are your new converts progressing?
The family Navarro Ruiz is getting started on their Family History.

-What do you think you’ve contributed to this area and this branch?
I feel like I have finally been able to create a lot of trust between the members and the missionaries, and we have found more ways to work better with the members.

-How have you noticed the Hand of the Lord in your work this week?
The Lord guided Anderson to prepare for his baptism. Sometimes I just feel so much love from the Lord.

-What is something you’ve learned recently?
I have learned that it is necessary that we prioritize EVERYTHING everyday.

-How have you felt God’s love personally this week?
Reading the account of Christ in the America’s. That’s my favorite part of the Book of Mormon....especially 3 Nefi17.  I can see a wonderful example of Christ’s love
there and it helps me feel it and recognize it more in my own life.

-How do you keep yourself going during these last couple weeks?
The baptisms are really helping’s super exciting!

Here’s some more ‘home’ based questions… We’ve been wondering a few things…

Are there certain foods that you have really been thinking about and
craving? (home or restaurant)

Just desserts and stuff with bastante (??) chocolate caramel and ice cream.  Taco’s and hamburgers too.  Also...could we have waffles with peaches and all that stuff???

Is there a meal you would like to request?
I’m good with whatever.  I’ve already made plans to get a few sausage Mc Muffins in LAX

Is there anything you would like to request for Lake Powell?
My guitar.

This week has been fun because it’s the Peruvian Independence day tomorrow, so everything everywhere is red and white! It's crazy fun. Today we saw a parade. It’s crazy because this is my third time being here for this particular holiday.

Today for pday...we went EVERYWHERE to find some cool Peruvian stuff to bring home.  Um...there isn't really anything here in Piata for me to bring home.  I did buy like four CD's of Peruvian music to share with my family all day every day!

Pday...searching for souvenirs!

Oh, since you asked about another baptism, you are probably thinking about.....Gisela.  She was going to be baptized this week, but she works in a factory of giant squid packaging.....what?.....and they keep on changing her hours so she hasn’t been able to attend enough...nor have we taught her enough...but this week we will teach her a ton and help her preparations to be baptized. I don’t know for sure if i will be here for it.

I love you all a lot. I am still just so super happy for Anderson, the Nevarro Ruiz family and for this whole 'bonus' part of my mission. I love you all so much!  Please make sure you tell everyone that.   Have a nice week.

Elder Bradshaw

Monday, July 20, 2015



I’ve completed TWO FULL YEARS! I’m not a Returned Missionary yet, but I am an old missionary....jaja   No just kidding.

I’m doing good. This week had some real highs, and some real lows. But, as it usually happens for me...the highs were REALLY high, and the lows, were really low. But I guess that is what the mission is about. It’s a roller coaster...

Mirium was baptized Thursday and confirmed Sunday! It was a great baptism and the members helped a TON and really stuck out a warm hand of fellowship. Brigham, her eight year old boy was also able to be baptized. The most incredible part is that her husband baptized the two of them. It was incredible. I felt a great spirit in the baptism and it was a great day. I loved it and will always remember it. It was kinda funny, because we had interviews that day, and President Rasmussen just finished, so he passed by to see the baptism. It was awesome...half the zone was  there. It was a great day.

Baptism of Mirium and Brigham

I think what made it so wonderful was just being able to see the change in this family. They have changed 180 degrees, and I have never ever worked so hard to help a family. Seriously, we worked super hard with them, but it’s been so wonderful blessing to see them married and baptized.

Other then them, this week was really mas o menos, seriously, all of the appointments fell through, not many people came to church and it was just kinda a bummer. jaja We did do a service project with Gilmar (hes a member that was baptized about a year ago, and he’s a great friend) where we built a wall out of bamboo and stuff. It was fun because we did it with some members.  We were handy...and it was awesome.

Building a bamboo wall with Gilmar and friends...

To be honest.....when I hit the two year mark...I just felt a HUGE drain of energy. I don’t know if it’s myself saying that or if it really is a problem, but I just feel dead. jaja I knew this would happen and all, but its tough. Sometimes I am just super dead, physically and mentally. And it doesn’t help that I am on my way to getting sick. jaja My whole world just kinda came crashing down on Friday, so it wasn’t much of a celebration day...But it’s all good. I know I can do it. I’m getting pumped to come home, but I’ll be super super sad too. But it’s all normal emotions, I think.

Moms questions....

Baptisms this week... above

This guy is incredible, he is always with the YSA in our branch and almost every night he is with us or with them. He is really eating it all up. He will be baptized this Saturday....and he asked me to baptize him! He also asked to be baptized in the that would be awesome....we even got permission to do it with Pres Rasmussen. But today we are going to figure that out.

How are you feeling about 2 years time.

Exciting things in your life...
Just working, trying to keep on going.

Awesomeness of the week...
the baptism.

New things with a new president...
we had interviews this week.. I really like him, he is a great guy. they are really fun and different from Pres Rowley, but the two are both wonderful presidents. 

Any questions you have about coming home...
when do we go to Lake Powell, and what is it going to be like the first day I get home...

I teach next week on “receiving the Holy Ghost”…if you have any stories or suggestions
I don't know, but I love that chapter 4 of PMG.  It’s incredible.

Well, I don't know if there is too much more to tell...

I love ya lots....

Pray for me please!

Elder Bradshaw

Monday, July 13, 2015


Habla familia!

How's it going?  I am super good this week. In fact...I don't think I have ever had a better week in my two years of mission life. I don't know, it was just incredible and I'm so happy. I loved it. I'm in bonus time now, and I feel like God has blessed me a ton! On the other hand, I have never been soooo tired in my life.  I go to bed, and when I wake up, I am more tired that I was when I went to bed. It's a crazy life I lead.

Well, I'm happy that you all had a great time in Lake Powell. Sounds like you had a blast. Mom, I did receive your email from the lake, so it's all didn't stand me up!

Our Zone got to meet with President and Sister Rasmussen this week...

Super Blurry pic of Zack's zone with their new President...President and Sister Rasmussen...Zack's the giant on the left front.
 So, I'll just start in with the people I get to work with right now...

Francis Navarro and Mirium Ruiz- Francis is a less active who hasn’t been active for 8 years. Mirium is his wife who has attended for years, but to another branch, even though they live in our area.  Francis´ family are members and really active in the other branch. They have two kids...Brigham (eight years) and Paolo (2...this kid is so crazy jaja I'll send a video the next week) At the beginning, they generally have been quiet with us and a little reserved, but we have worked SO hard with them and to see them get married was wonderful. Mirium passed her baptismal interview this week and is doing awesome!  They (Mirium and Brigham) will be baptized this Thursday. Yesterday, the branch president interviewed Francis and gave him a calling and let him bless the sacrament! That was a great experience for the whole family. The members have received them wonderfully and it's been so fun. They are really excited for Thursday. Now we are great friends with them.  I’ll be sure to send some pics this week. I am so happy that she will be baptized this week. She has been waiting for years! And now...Francis will be able to baptize them both!

This guy is completely awesome. He is just eating everything up. With his uncle, Franklin, they went to go clean the church this weekend, he's attending all of the activities, and is just loving it all. The members love him and treat him basically like a member now. It's awesome! He's got a baptismal date the 25th of July, and he's pumped for it!

She is a referral from the Relief Society's actually her sister.  We went and taught her this week and she is golden! Seriously. She has already attended church twice, and is just eating it up as well.  The members look at her as a sure baptism. We are also teaching her two little kids (April 10, Astrid 8) And are working to teach her husband. the best part...wait for it...wait for it...THEY ARE MARRIED. After the first visit, we invited them to be baptized, and at this point...they have a baptismal date for the 2nd of August.

I have felt so blessed in these past few weeks. I now see why God wanted me to extend. If I wouldn't have extended, I would never have come to Paita, or trained/worked with Elder Butron, or met all of these wonderful people!  I truly feel so blessed.

So, I have four weeks left in my mission, and for three of those weeks, We've got baptisms planned. Were trying to get a fourth week of baptisms planned as well, but we will see about that. I have never had this many people ready to be baptized and I really hope that everything continues to go well.

What would have happened if I wouldn't have extended?  I am so happy to be here!

I love it here and everything is going so well. I love my mission, I love Piura, I love Paita. I am so excited to see you all too, but when I leave...I think it's going to feel like my heart is being ripped out. I am just trying to take most advantage of the time that I have left.

Now, In my BOM study, I am in Helaman 8. I’m on track to finish before I come home and I’m loving it.

I could never have chosen a better area to finish my mission. I love the members, the branch, and the people here. I feel at home.

In my pics, I've got one with president Rasmussen and his wife, and another with Elder Nosa, and Elder Butron (two of my three hijos (sons) missionary slang for those Elder's that they train!)

Zack with Elder Burton (left) and Elder Nosa (right)...his sons!

 I love you all, and...Mom...I hope this was an exciting enough letter for you...since you requested that.

 Elder Bradshaw