Tuesday, February 18, 2014

One week in Querecotillo

Wow family, I have 7 months in the mission.  Quite the deal.

This week was a tougher one.  Just lots of change.  It was a good week, just tough.

Zack's view from his new apartment in Querecotillo.

Querecotillo is a naturally hard area because of the HUGE catholic church in the center.  In that church there is a huge idol...which is a black Jesus on a cross... and everyone loves it.  Which is quite the bummer.  Its a pretty stressful town (coming from Negreiros...the Peruvian Alpine...to crowded streets with tons of people everywhere) but it's all good.  It is surrounded by millions and millions of banana trees, coconut trees, and mangoes. So I think that mango is from my area!  I'm not even kidding.  I have seen semi trucks chucked full of bananas and plantains.  Millions and millions of bananas.  This week we have a service project planned in one of the orchards so I am pretty pumped for that.  It's going to be super interesting.  Our room is pretty awesome.  We've got hot water, our pensionista cooks tacos often, and its really a good place!  It really is such a beautiful place, I am just adjusting from one thing to another. (Zack's mom:  We bought mangoes from Smith's the other day and the sticker on it said it was from Piura Peru!  So we were excited!)

Mangoes from Piura to Alpine

This week, I have had several confirmations that Querecotillo is where I should be.  I know it.  This is the place for me. 

Right now, we've got a family with Ruth Helen, and her husband Antonio.  Antonio served a mission, but when he returned, he fell away and messed up a bit.  He recently married Ruth and they really want to fix their lives.  She wants to be baptized and he wants to return to the church and marry in the temple.  I have really felt that they are the reason for why I am here.  They are my focus and I am so excited to help them on their path.

Other than that, there is just like1000 less-actives...just like every where else in the world, and we're looking for more investigators. 

I love the branch.  It's a little more established than Negreiros.  It even has an electric piano and a microphone.  It's a little more organized, but there aren't many who attend.  So thats another one of my goals.  I really want to boost up the attendance.  I really like it here, just it needs a little bit of work.

At the beginning of the month I think.

Spiritual time of the week? 
Just these spiritual confirmations that I have recieved that this is the place for me.  With some people, I feel like I already know them, or I have seen them  in dreams, its just kinda weird, but I really feel like its a perfect fit for me.

New experiences?
I ate a cow foot today.  We went to a restaurante because our pensionista is a little bit sick, and I got a soup, and there was some cow foot.  So I just had to try it.  Dont worry, I cut off the part with the hair. 

Taking care of yourself?  
I need to stop with the sugar cereal.  I have been really tired and exhausted this week. 

Nothing today, but next week were going to ancient ruins!  So excited

Do you read my letters or dad’s first? 
Who ever sends it first.

What are you learning right now? 
Everyday I am learning.  From doctrine, to teaching methods, to obedience, to Peruvian culture things, to Spanish, and everything!

Something interesting.  
We were walking to church and a dog walked out in front of us and just pucked all over.  Wow.

I am a little bit discouraged right now, just fighting to find some solutions to some problems, to learn the area, deal with the change, but I am fine.  I think with a little bit more a sleep, I will be fine. 

I hope that everything is going fine with you guys at home.  Know that I am safe, happy, and learning.  There is no way to learn and progress unless its through something hard.  I really am jealous of your ski trip.  And mom, I will be praying that everything goes well in you lesson.

Elder Bradshaw

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