Monday, December 15, 2014

'He' is the Gift...

Wow, December 15...10 days till Christmas.  That’s crazy to me.

Well, I am doing a lot better than I was the last week.  I’ve gotten to know the people a little bit better, the area a little more...and...I’m growing to love the sand!  Sometimes in the lessons, I let my hands play through the sand, kinda like the beach.  I really like it here.  My companion is awesome, and I am having a great time. 

Tuesday, Elder Salcedo, who was with us for a week, received his transfer, so were just two now.  I loved being in a trio, but its nice to be able to just relax a bit now, and work in the regular way. 

So I got rid of my cold that I had, but I pick up some hard core diarrhea  So that's been a little interesting for the time being.   Life here seems to be just hill after hill after hill.  But other than that...I am doing good. 

Today for p-day, we got the almost the whole zone together and played a little soccer.  It was soooooo hot....soooooooooo hot.  So hot.  About died.

Time for Mom Questions:

Did you arrive to your new area with a current teaching pool…or are you starting from scratch? 
This area has been worked super hard with great missionaries for a long time...So we already had a good teaching pool.  As always we can do better, and we are looking more and more, but the missionaries here have done a good job.

Do you have some investigators that you are working with? 
So...Jesus and Vasilica....their kids are members, and they are now attending church every week.  They want to get baptized, but they just need to get were in that situation again.  Great people.  Julia and Henry....basically the same deal.  And this week, we were walking down the road, and contacted a single mom with her three kids.  We invited here to sees “He is the gift”, then we went back another day.  I personally wasn’t there the second time (I was on a work visit, splits.) But my comp invited her to the church...and she came!  SUPER COOL.  Her name is Maria. thats super rare that someone goes like that.  We are really excited.  We also recently found a new guy named Wilder...Pretty cool... 27 years old, good young man.

What new discoveries have you found in your new area?
In the ward boundaries...(in the area of the sister missionaries) there is a KFC.  And for some reason, I think that is pretty cool.  Also, my area has a huge canal, drain thing....super super ugly.  Its  filled with green water (neon green water) and there was a cat that fell into it...for like 3 days it was meowing and all.  jaja

only one now...super cool guy.  Super obedient and hard working.  Loves to work and help the people.  We work really well together.  I feel like he is helping me be a better person.

Are you cooking more or do you use the Pensionista? 
We always eat with our Pensionista.  For lunch at least... breakfast and dinner, we’re on our own...but mom, you would be super proud of me....I stocked up on tons of food, fruits and good things like that. and I have been doing lots of exercises

Anything interesting coming up for your mission? 
just multi zone nothing too cool.

Does your mission have plans for Christmas? 
President wants us to have a special Christmas....more than just a party...but a Christmas Season of service and we are thinking of what we can do.

Did the plans for the orphanage or the hospital work out for your zone for Christmas? 
we are still working on it...we found a place and we are going to work out all of our plans for it this week.

I am doing good.  Right now, I would really like to talk a little bit a bout the new video “Él es la Dádiva”, or “He is the gift”.  Right now, we are inviting EVERYONE we know to go and to watch it.  and we have found tons of people using it.  Its a great tool to be able to find people.  This December, I really feel like I have grown closer to Christ. I have gotten to know him more, through the scriptures, my experiences, and my prayers.  I invite you all to watch the video and to do what the video asks you to, accept, and share it...  Understand the purpose of this Christmas season...not just all the stuff. 

Mom, I love the letter countdown everyday.  I love it so much...and the pictures of Christ that you included with each letter.  All the missionaries that come by our room always say, “oh wow!  You have new ones!”.  love the photos.  Special awesome thanks to all that contributed to those notes.  You have really lifted me up quite a bit...and helped to make it a wonderful Christmas Season.  Thank you.

Love you all!

Elder Bradshaw

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