Monday, December 8, 2014

Mom, I will try to do my best with your request, I know you wished for a super long letter full of lots of details of my new area....But my computer is junk today, so have patience with my spelling and all.  Everything is a struggle in this cafe today.

Well...I do like my new area.  Go to 'google', and type in Piura....
You'll see a huge church, with a big beautiful park and a couple cool buildings....This is like 15 or 20 minutes walking from my room.  My area is 100% dust and sand, (it’s more of an outskirt of town) but in the ward boundries, there is a its pretty cool.  I’m 100% sure I will be going there. 

But seriously, sometimes I’ll just be walking through sand just like at the beach, just huge and deep.  When there is wind, we just get caked.  Its cool through, I really really like it. Its more relaxed and a little less crazy than Puyango. And the blessing of this area is that the sand in the night light...looks like a groomed ski track.  Makes me smile.

The ward here is super awesome.  It amazes me to see members so involved with us and so willing to help us.  The members love the  missionaries and are great people.  Around 100 attend's going to be great!

I will be in a tri-panionship for a while. So I am with Elder Salcedo  (from Ecuador, 6 months in the mission), and Elder Cortijo  (Lima, 23 months).  The two are awesome guys.  They both want to work really hard, and are a  really obedient.  We all get along perfectly well.  Elder Cortijo is going to finish soon, but he doesn't even talk about it, and just works and works and works.  It’s fun to be in a trio, because we can do divisions a lot, and its always fun to just have more people to talk to.  Downside is that you don t have to adjust to a new work style....but two new work styles... And I don’t feel like I have really made a great connection with the two of them quite yet.  But we are growing and all together....Elder Salcedo will be with us for like 2 weeks more I think.

I got to meet my whole zone this week!  Its HUGE.  Some awesome missionaries though. (pic attached)  Good people, excited to work with them. We had a zone conference this week with them which went pretty well.  Right now we have 26 missionaries...HUGE.  More people = more fun.

Zack's new zone in Piura

 Today For pday, we had a  huge service project in the morning, with all of Piura.  Pretty fun.  We just scraped off the signs that had been posted on the posts.  Fun.  Then after, our trio and two more companionships came to our room and we made tacos.  In the most humble way I’ll say that I basically nailed the pico de gallo, and the hot sauce.   No...seriously I nailed those.  Then the missionary from El Salvador nailed the chicken.  Then with the tortillas that you sent was heaven for me.

Nailed it!
My room is awesome.  It’s basically a whole house....we have a family room (with couches), a kitchen, a guest room, and our room.  It’s really dirty with the transfers and dirt and all, but we are going to clean it.  The bathroom is not connected to the house, so we have a small patio out back.  It’s nice.  It’s just so hot inside sometimes....I always wake up soaked in sweat.

So this year as a zone, for a Christmas activity, we are looking for a hospital or orphanage to sponsor as a zone to be able to have a special Christmas.  More details will come next week.  I am going to coordinate with our Pensionista and my comps to see if we can call at 3 my time on Christmas Day.  Put that one in your calendar!

I am doing good.  It was a hard week.  I really did struggle quite a bit.  Just with the whole change and all.  I am doing better now, just need to keep on going.  That’s it.  I have just been sick, tired, and kinda lost this week, but I fully expect that next week will be better.

With ‘He is the Gift’, we are working a lot with that.  Seriously...a ton!  I am just about to fill about a report with it, and download it on my USB to share it with families!  I love it so much!

Well I am fine and all- just a little bit TUMBES HOMESICK.

But, as always...I will be fine.  I love you all a ton

Elder Bradshaw

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