Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Hola Familia!
I love P-day...mostly because I get to talk with you...also, for churros.  The more I am at the CCM, the more I love it.  It really has become my home, even though I am living in like 20 ft sq, sit in a desk for 10 hrs a day, and don´t get my hourly sugar candy-fix every hour...like at home, but it really is a great place here.  Nothing really awesome happened this week, but we did get to go proselyting which is always fun.  I have learned that for the CCM to be even more fun, I need to have stuff to look forward to, so Saturdays, Sundays, and Tuesdays get me through those super-long language days.

Zack's playground
So, we are in-between transfers here, so we just lost some more awesome roommates.  Elder Renteria and Elder Pluas were the coolest guys.  We would hang out with them all the time.  We taught them to say some fun phrases like "get that corn out of my face", "what in the world?", "what's happenin'?" and a couple days later, we could walk down the hall and hear "get that corn out of my face" 100 times.  jaja.  So much fun.  They were really good missionaries with really strong testimonies.  They were great friends and we will really miss them.  But, since we are on our last two week transfer now, the Latinos who come tomorrow will be going to our missions!  I am really excited for them!  I am now itching to get out of here though.  It's been a really long journey but we are two thirds done now.  My distrito is so close, so it will be sad...but I can not wait to be walking down some dirt roads in the steaming heat.  Can't wait.
Zack and Elder Wilkinson with Elder Pluas and Elder Renteria
Proselyting:  Proselyting is so much fun!  I love it.  This time, since there were less Latinos, they placed Elder Wilkinson and yo together.  yikes!  They bussed us to Verenteria, and we started proselyting.  We had a teacher with us, so we would do the initial contact, and teach as much as we could...until they either asked a question or their speaking speed broke 100 MPH.  It was a fairly successful day.  We had a nice area. 

The highlight was definitely the first house we talked to.  It was a mom, una abuela, and three cute little kids that LOVED our English...and our watches.  I couldn't get too much of what was going on, but I was able to pitch in a little bit, and I could really feel the Spirit.  They seemed to really like it, and I could really see them converting at some point. They were a wonderful family.  I wish we could have just played with the kids.  Other than that, we tried to teach a guy with two teeth and a whole lot of mumbling...who told us that we have destroyed the gospel.  Always a great time.  A highlight.

So now for some questions.  Mom, I have been studying lots of PMG.  I have been going throughout it all looking for how to become a better missionary.  This past week, I really feel like Elder Wilkinson and I figured out companion study and our lessons.  We are clicking as a companionship and are adjusting to every little thing and helping each other out.  I studied lots about how to teach, how to invite the Spirit, and lots of other things like that.  I have also been studying lots of Español and its going pretty good.  I am understanding it and trying to be better...but its difficult.  I have read lots out of the Book of Mormon (before I forget, I used some money to buy some nice Spanish scriptures out of my account).  The BOM is my favorite thing to use, because it contains an answer for every little thing, ranging from temporal matters...to spiritual questions...to anything else.  Or it invites the Spirit to answer those questions.  I am getting excited just thinking about it.  I have learned so much about how it can be applied, and used, and taught.  The other day, we were going in to teach a investigator, and I felt like we should completely change our lesson plan...from Plan de Salvación to Personal revelation...because of his question.  That was a cool experience for us to swap in another language.  Spanish is amazing, but amazingly difficult as well. 

We have had the opportunity to watch DVD recordings of Apostoles on Sundays and I love them!  I have really learned so much from them because they are like General conference talks for missionaries.  Tonight we get to watch a streamed talk from the Provo MTC.  When I heard about it I was so pumped!  I may get to see some of my friends!

Everything is going well here.  It's always cloudy.  Always.  But once, we had a whole day of sun, so it was glorious.  The temple finally reopened so it was wonderful to go.  I have also been thinking lots about "administer" versus "minister" this past week as I have focused my study on being and becoming a missionary, more than what to teach as a missionary.  Thanks Dad, I loved that email.

I am sooooo glad that some of my friends stopped by to see you.  I really miss them, not as much as I miss the family though.  I can't really convey how close I was to my friends at home to my friends here.  But I love to hear about them in your email, and I really hope that they are all doing great.  If any more come over...or if you see the somewhere...make sure to tell them 'Hi' for me.  They truly are some great people.

End of another great week.  But looking forward to another great one.  Love you all sooooooo much.  I am so grateful for everything you have all taught me.  I gave a fist pump to the air when I heard about Lexi´s silly picture.  Keep on putting yourself out there...you too Elli.  Out of you comfort zone is where you will grow and where you will have fun.  
 Love you all sooooo much, miss you lots, but I love it here too!  Can't wait to get to Piura!

Elder Bradshaw
ps, I also heard that I might (might) get to call from the airport.  Don't get your hopes up too high, but there is a slight possibility.  So...no more rejecting unknown numbers for the next little bit!

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