Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Week 5-Peru MTC

Hola familia!

This was another great week!  And in one more of those great weeks...I'll be on a plane to Piura!  I CANT WAIT!  I am so excited!  I'll just tell you some cool things that happened for a little bit.  As usual, nothing too unique, but still...some cool things.

So, I haven't changed that much here...I am still a nerd.  As I was going over goals with Elder Wilkinson, I remembered the 'intermediate value theorem' (i think) which in calculus basically states that you can't get to two points with a continuous line without hitting all of the points between it.  I realized that that is a perfect example of the CCM.  We get here, green as can be, with only hopes, goals, and humility, and we try to be the best missionaries possible.  But we can't just jump to the next point, we've got to go the whole way to improve...or hit all the points in-between.  It gets really frustrating and annoying sometimes, when you're stuttering after every word in a Spanish lesson, or maybe goof around a little during personal study time, but I am working and working away at it.  This past week I have probably seen the biggest jump in my progress.  I am really scared to report to Piura, cause my Spanish is only at level: survival, but I know that I need to keep on trucking!  I fasted yesterday to be able to prepare and be able to function when I get to Piura, and that was a great experience.  My faith is growing like crazy, my language is coming along, and I am becoming the missionary I want to become, poco a poco.

Here is what I have been learning.  See why I needed to fast a little bit?
I had a cool spiritual thought,  but I forgot my scripture references.  But...I will tell it anyway.  It is in Alma 20 and 22 when Ammon and Aaron are teaching Lamoni's father.  In chapter 20,  The king promises half of his kingdom for Ammon to spare his life.  I was thinking about this, and why he would only sacrifice half his kingdom to be spared.  Only two chapters later when Aaron is teaching him,  the king promises that he will give away his whole kingdom to feel Christ's redeeming love and to be a part of the gospel!  How cool is that?!  It really puts a perspective on how important the gospel is.  We are nothing without it.

We got some more roommates.  Elders Zomalloa from Cuzco and Cabellero from Lima.  There are some others going to Piura, but I don't know them too well...yet.  We are going to the temple and shopping right after this, so I'll search for a calling card.  I really hope I can call.  Just note that it would probably be next Tuesday morning at 6:00AM PERU TIME.  I think that is 5 AM there.  Sorry....

When does school start?  I am so excited for the girls.  It looks like they are having a great time.  Snowbird sounds so fun! Yesterday, Elder Baker (Piura) and I talked about Targhee and snowboarding for like 30 minutes.  It was really fun.

Coolest part of the week....So it was our last lesson with our investigator Lester.  (not a real investigator) We had a goal to commit him to baptism, and we had a lesson on faith prepared, but as soon as we entered the room and sat down...the Spirit took it a whole different way.  Our teacher (also investigator) had his fake member-wife (and real fiancee) in there too.  We sat down and just talked about how baptism would bless their life and their marriage.  I think we even made the wife cry, or rather...the spirit did.  Our mouths were filled with spanish, and with scriptures. We committed him to baptism!  Real cool!  It really shows how much the Spirit is a part of this work.  Every thing from my learning, to my teaching, and everything else...is totally directed with the Spirit.

Cool news this week!  ELDER COOK is coming on Sunday to the CCM.  What a way to end the CCM!  Since there is only like 170 missionaries here or so, I'm hoping to get to meet him and shake his hand.  Can't wait!  Also, last week for that CCM broadcast, I don't think I was able to see any friends, but Richard G Scott gave an awesome talk on prayer.

The most fun part of this week was definitely the gringo game of soccer we played as a district.  You would have thought it was basketball with all of the hands flailing and weird goals, but it. was. so. fun.

Also, I got my first letters this week! They were through 'dearelder' from Connor C, Emily J, Sunny, Connors Mom, and Adam Goff.  Thank you all.  It's hard to know how good that feels until you are 4000 or so miles away from you fam and friends.  Also, in any future letters, please send it with your email and address included, so I can write back.  I would love to write back.

Well, I am trying to think if there is anything else, but I think that is it!

I love you family!

Elder Bradshaw II

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