Monday, September 23, 2013

A baptism!

Dear Familia

Buenas tardes!  I hope everything is going well at home.  I am trying something new, to write while I send photos in another window, lets hope it goes well.

Elder Bradshaw, Leyla and her brother.

This week was great!  Lots of ups and downs, but overall, It is worth all, just because I grew so much.  Lots of bad things, but lots of AMAZING things.  I think that’s how a mission will go for the most part.  I guess ill start with the bad things, then move into the good.

Starting last Monday, my shoulders, back, and head started hurting really bad.  I don’t know what it was, but it was horrible.  I couldn’t really turn my head, carry really anything, and I just hurt.  On top of that, my stomach went through a tough time for a day or so.  I just hurt so bad that I could hardly function.  By the time that Thursday rolled around, I was going to call Hma. Rowley.  I prayed and prayed and asked to be healthy.  When I woke up on Thursday, it still hurt, but I prayed again.  I jumped out of bed and I was completely fine!  Another miracle.  It was a great experience.  I am fine now, I just think I need to lighten my load a bit.  Be more relaxed, drink more, rest more, and stretch.  Don’t worry though, I am completely fine.  Maybe just a bit sleep deprived.  But really...who isn’t?

Even though my companion are very different, for some reason we really connected this weekend.  We were buds.  I have tried serving him and that has helped.

This week, I really tried to focus on being a missionary.  I am kinda tired of being a follower.  I realized that I was called of God by a Prophet to preach the gospel.  Not just watch my comp do it.  I have worked and worked at that and its paying off.  I loved this weekend!

This week, we had baptisms.  I baptized Leyla!  Such a wonderful experience.  This week I really connected with her and we became little.  As I was baptizing here, I felt the Spirit soooooo strong.  It felt like I was getting hit with soft pillows while kettle corn with extra sugar popped in my chest.  It was sooooo special.  I never want to forget it.  She is the kind of baptism that it is meant to be.  She is a convert, not just a number.  She is so awesome, she cried after the baptism when she gave her testimony.  Only her brother and grandma came to watch her baptism though, which is kinda sad.  We also baptized a 19 year-old mother and also there was another child in the ward.  That was the highlight of my week.  

Zack's first baptism...Leyla...the little girl right next to him.

The familia de Omar consists of Omar, Marialene, Marlene(the gma), and Juan Antonio, the nine year old kid.  All of them have baptism dates and are super fun to teach.  They are progressing super fast and I am so excited for them.

The food is great here.  Our pension is better now, and so is my cooking.  They have everything here from fruit loops to fry sauce (yes...they have it).  This week, a member took us out to dinner.  I was expecting a little bit of rice with a chicken leg, the usual, but then the lady brought a HUGE plate of fries, and a HUGE plate of rotisserie chicken!  WAHOOOOOOO!

Funniest Moment: When Elder Mamani microwaved a metal package, or being in a small van with 23 others when someone's suitcase fell off the top on to the road, and watching everyone freak out and the little Peruvian man “tom cruise” run to go pick it up.

Emails are fine.  Letters are always better but its ok because I can print them, or take photos on my camera and read them later.

Today we played a little soccer with some members, it was fun!

Well, I am out of time.

I love you all so much!

I am doing great.  And I am soo happy right now.  You are all in my prayers everyday!

Love you so much

Love Elder Bradshaw

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