Monday, September 30, 2013


Zack on the streets of Negreiros, where he lives.     
Hola familia! 

I loved Reading your emails this week, as always.  Its one of my favorite parts of the week.  It sounds like everyone is doing great at home.  5Ks, bishopric changes, and what not!  Sounds wonderful.  First off, I would love to thank all of you for the mail.  We get mail whenever the Zone leaders go to Piura, and apparently they went this week!  I was blessed to get mail from Elli, Lexi, Baylee R, Missy, Connors mom, Chris Hall, Ali Ball, Sister Lund and Sister Richards, and Nicole Harvey.  I was so touched to receive all of this, and am so blessed so be surrounded (or rather, have been surrounded) by so many wonderful people.   Also, I received a PACKAGE!  The one mom sent me on September 5.  It got here on the 24, so it seems like the mail is pretty fast and reliable.  Remember the next time to send it with President Chad A. Rowley's name on the first line.  I love the Swedish fish and Circus Peanuts!  WONDERFUL!  Some people have been asking me for package suggestions. ..  Really, there is only a few things, but maybe a laminated map of the world, the USA, and Peru.  And Candy.  Always room for candy.  I sent a letter home last week, so lets hope it gets there.

This week went really well.  This email might be a little awkward for you to read...because it might be a little more positive than normal!  Things really picked up this week.  I think that I am adjusting to this lifestyle, or maybe I was just on a Swedish fish high...but it went well this week.  Still hard as ever, but better.  Elder Mamani and I both started to kind of crack off each others shells this week and we are really becoming friends.  He has realized that I can't really speak that well, and I realized that he is here to help me.  We starting to be buds, starting to joke around more, and starting to feel the Spirit stronger in unity.  Today was wonderful, he has been helping me to improve my study, and today we had a wonderful talk about what I had been studying.  Things have improved lots, and only every once in a while will a 'Zack Thrash' occur, but we are doing well as a compañerismo.

Thats the whole thing, kitchen, closet, beds, and the study...there is a small bathroom behind...but thats home!

Mi español está mejorando cada día.  I am not close to fluency, or anything like that, but I can understand like 70 percent...on a good day, and I am starting to contribute in lessons, not just prayers, testimonies, or a memorized line, but real contribution.  This week I really had a hard time with the language and total.  Sometimes, I feel sooooooo overwhelmed and sooooooo incapable and not able to do half the things I really need to do.  But I have learned to recognize that it is ok.  I'm only 18 years old...I'm speaking a different language...and living a new life.  It's ok to feel overwhelmed, and I only need to take it one step at a time.  That step, I decided, is 100 Percent, daily obedience.  If I am obedient in every aspect, I will learn, and grow into the missionary I want to be.  

This week, we have been working a lot with Omar and his family.  They always seem to be progressing and be doing awesome, but they buckle hard when it comes to church attendance.  I love to visit them, and they are basically our friends.  This week, we tried to find new people and are focusing in on retention with Leyla and the other baptism we had, Deisy.  We are still teaching Leyla, and she is wonderful.  I have been teaching her English, and we have really grown to be great friends.  

Now for some Questions!

Better with the companion this week?  
Totally, this week was wonderful!

New investigators? 
Not many wonderful ones, but we are searching!

We have 5 with baptismal dates in October, and we are working with another one hopefully in October

How are YOU? 
I am good, every once in a a while I feel super incapable, but I am doing well and the happiness outweighs the bad times.

Funniest thing... 
I saw a dog today gnawing on another dogs amputated leg. Not really funny, but yeah...its Peru.  Everything is kind of funny in its own way.  We taught a very animated lady that was kinda freaking out...and that was kind of funny too.

Most spiritual time of the week... 
This week, I actually felt like I contributed and legitimately helped someone to be better.  We were helping a member who her husband just left one day.  She has been super sad and struggling so much.  I bore a testimony of the Atonement and how it fills us, and how Christ understands us because of it.  I think it went well, and I really felt the Spirit.

Fun Pday? 
What did you do?  We kind of just chilled today.  We went and hung out with the Zone leaders, they are in our district, and bought our food with them.

What type of food do you eat? 
For breakfast…SUGAR CEREAL almost everyday.  Also lots of oatmeal and fruit.  Then for dinner, almost always noodles with a hamburger patty, hot dog, with fry sauce, ketchup, and mustard.  I'm trying new things, to cook, but its difficult. 

Do you ever mutter things in English under your breath when you are frustrated?  
Really don’t speak that much English.  SO lamente some phrases that Elder Mamani knows like..."can I get an amen" and occasionally I get to speak with some other gringos.



Do you still teach Leyla?  What do you guys do about her now?  
English and retention.

Something you learned? 
The importance of convenios, or covenants.  Sorry.  Sometimes when I speak English I throw in Spanish.  IT'S HAPPENING.

This week, I get to go to Piura for a training for the greenies, Zone Conference, and General Conference!  Should be a good week!

I'm out of time.  I love you soooooo much!  All of you.  I pray for you and hope that everything is going well at home!  I am so grateful for all of you and love you so much

Elder Bradshaw Numero Dos

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