Monday, October 21, 2013


Hello Family! 

This week was a lot better. 

I felt the Spirit so much more...and worked really really hard.  I always don’t know where to start.  It's pretty difficult because all of the days seem the same sometimes.  I loved reading your letters, I had teary eyes, and I can really feel your love super strong right now.  And sometimes I just need to feel that.  Gracias.

Last week, I forgot to say that I got a package from Ihrkes!  THANK YOU so much!  We use the cards with the kids and the gum is delicious!  I also hear that I have another one, so thanks sooooo much!

This week, and the last, we worked really hard in our finding efforts.  And good is really paying off.  We found lots of investigators who are completely ready to hear the gospel, including some families!  Right now, we have 11 investigators with baptismal date for the 17 de Noviembre, and we are going to do all that is possible to make that happen.  We are super pumped for them!  

Elders Bradshaw and Mamani  at the baptism of Juan Antonio and his grandmother, Marlene

We also had the baptisms of Marlene (the grandma in the photo) y Juan Antonio (the 9 year old).  I was able to baptize Juan Antonio and it was a great experience.  He is really my bud and we are pretty tight.  I am pretty sure I have done over 100 thumb wars with him, and he is quite the cool kid.  Also in the photo, there is one with Omar and Maria Elena, and they are going to do all that is possible a marry this November.  We talked with them yesterday, and they are pumped to do whatever is possible to find the money and papers for their marriage.

Zack with the beautiful Familia de Omar that he loves...with Omar and Maria Elena, Juan Antonio...and Marlene

We also found another family.  La familia Guerrero.  They are awesome and we are working hard with them.

Something really funny happened this week!  We were walking down the road, and started talking with this guy.  He was a little loopy and like 75 years old, but we sacamos un cita (sorry don’t really know how to say that in English) and went to his house,.  At his house (which was horribly filthy and dark and smelly.  We tried to teach him, but I don’t really even know what was happeneing.  He spoke Spanish like an Italian (with the little sing) and didn’t understand anything at all.  The closest thing I cant think of is Golem on Lord of the Rings.  He was exactly like golem..  Quite the experience.

This week I really gained a testimony of work...hard work...and hard work with the Spirit.  I really like my area, and I love the people.  We've got a power packed four weeks ahead of us...and I am learning oh so much. 

Sorry that this is a little shorter letter this week, but I wanted a chance to write to some friends...and to Taylor specifically.

Thanks so much for your support and for your love.  I love you soooooo much.  All of you.

Elder Bradshaw 2

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