Monday, October 28, 2013

Best Week So Far

Hola Familia!

This week was really good.  Much much better.  Actually, the best week of my mission!  So I guess I will just get started!

This week we worked pretty darn hard and we were pretty darn successful.  Our focus has definitely been Omar and Maria Elena and Juan Antonio and America Marlene (yes...that is her name).  ´merica.  J.A. (or otherwise known as Toto) and ´Merica were confirmed this Sunday so that was pretty awesome!  We have been visiting them often, and they are wonderful people.  They have such strong testimonies of the church and are going to get married on the 7 of December.  Can't wait!!! ...And after that will be their baptism!  Can't wait even more!!!  I love love love this family and they are truly converted and not just numbers.  Marlene told us yesterday that she is a member for the rest of her life.  Tonight we are going over to talk about temples and make a goal for here to go!  Today I studied a little bit about the temple to help explain it to her...and I realized what a great blessing it is in our lives.  The covenants, the blessings, the Spirit, the knowledge, and the power of the endowment.  I am so grateful I've had that opportunity, and it is sooooooo wonderful.  I can't wait for her to experience that!  Also this week, it was Said Tomas' birthday.  He is their crazy 6 year old kid. Like, seriously CRAZY.  Like one of my little cousins on red bull packed into a little 6 year old Latino body.  Insane.  The family invited us over for a party and cake and it was so fun.  I love this family so much.

Our other investigators are wonderful but there are only a few that are really progressing.  We've been looking for this 14 year-old girl that we couldn't find for quite some time, and she is going to get baptized on the first week of November or so.  Also, we have some others that we plan on working real hard with.

This week President gave us an article to read, which is called The Fourth Missionary... I loved it and it completely changed my outlook of my mission.  (I'm sure anyone could look it up.)  The whole thing is based on how the desires of our hearts help decide what we do and the blessings we receive.  So, this week I have been trying hard to put my heart into the heavens and let the Lord do whatever he wants with me.  In the short time that I have studied this, and done this, it has helped me quite a bit!   I've felt the Spirit soooo strong this week, and I really feel like it is guiding me in my speaking and my teaching.  I am really starting to enjoy this.

Things with my companion have been going much better.  I can feel your prayers and see the results of those prayers in my life right NOW.   He told me that I finally have his respect, so its all good!

I received a package from G and G Bradshaw and tons of mail this week!  Yay! and thank you means so much to hear from each of you.  I love you all and I am almost out of time. 

Sharing American candy with the Zone Leaders and having banana splits.
Have a wonderful week and know that I pray for you everyday. 

Lexi...keep doing whats right, and be a friend to everyone...because everyone deserves it!

Love all you so much!

Elder Bradshaw

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