Monday, November 4, 2013

Meeting Wonderful People

Hi family!
I hope that you are all well and healthy!  It sounds like you had a good week, and I cant believe its getting cold there!  In the day, everyday, it's like 85 degrees.  We're close to the sea, and it's so flat, that there is so much wind.  In the nights its actually really cold with the wind.  I feel it getting hotter everyday, and I am in the coldest part of the mission, but I think I will get transferred in the heat of summer, and that’s when Piura, Land of Eternal Heat, comes in.

This week was good.  I liked it...a bit different and interesting...but good.  We have been working with a lot of less-actives, with I actually really like doing.  You don’t count it as a baptism...but for me, its just as rewarding.  We found a member whose name is Hno. Pozo.  His wife died a while ago, and after, no one helped him, no one visited him, no one did anything really for him.  And because of this, him and his family (all of his family has families too) kinda distanced from the church.  We found him in his little office of his elementary school that he runs, and taught him the plan of salvation.  We were the first ones to visit him and help him after his wife had died.  It was so sad to see him so sad, but now, he has attended three times!  I can see the gospel bringing light into his life.  We had also visited his two daughters, who have attended as well, and I can really see the light of the gospel within them, as well.  That’s my spiritual experience of the week.  Hno Pozo gave a beautiful testimony this week in church and I am really grateful for the opportunity to help him!

Our investigators are doing well.  We are going to baptize Analy (14 year old) this week, and are working with the family too.  They went to another city this week, so we didn’t really have much contact with them, but they are doing really well.  And of course, Maria Elena reads every day and has a ton of questions for us everytime we come!  They are sooooo awesome. 

This week we had the opportunity to go to Tumbes (the northern part of the mission) for a multi-zona conferencia.  It was soooo cool.  That night, we had to sleep in another apartment in Talara with 5 other missionaries and had to wake up at 3 in the morning to drive 3 hours in a crowded, hot, sweaty bus on a windy, bumpy road, but it was cool.  We drove through tons of little towns just like the towns in costa rica, Tamarindo!  It was quite fun.  The conference was really awesome as well. I learned a lot about the kind of missionary that I want to be.

Zack's in the back!   Zone Conference!

We also found out that we get to go to Chiclayo in two weeks!  Chiclayo is a different mission, but Elder Nelson is coming, so the whole mission is going!  Sooo!

It was fine, better than worse.  I liked it,.

Probably seeing the gospel change the people we teach.  With almost all of them, I can literally see a difference from the beginning of the visits, to now, it is amazing!  It is another testimony to me that this is true, that Christ does live and that his Atonement does heal people.

None today!

(funny that you got to baptize a 11 year old girl like Elli and a 14 year old girl like Lexi)  
Her name is Analy.  We had been teaching her, but her dad is a pretty strict Catholic, and we couldn’t meet with them for a while.  But we finally met up, and she is progressing now!

I am trying,  its tough,  I bought more fruit, and carrots today!  Im experimenting. 

-PHOTOS?  Sent them!

-MAIL? Not this week! 

I love you all sooooo much!  Know that I am good and enjoying it!  Just a little bit of a rough patch today.  I love you all sooooo much

Elder B

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