Monday, November 18, 2013

Faith, Work, and Obedience

Hello All!

 Alcanzé!  Terminé mi capacitación.  (Yay...I've completed my training!)  Thats quite the good feeling!  Now that its over, I dont know, it just feels weird.  Like the first day of summer. 
Thanks mom for the email you wrote to Elder Mamani.  That was good of you to translate it...but I have to say that 'Google translator' is a liar...but really...I only had to do a few corrections. 
This week was a great week.  Elder Mamani and I just clicked.  We had a blast, found some new killer investigators, and overall...had a great time.  I was really sad to see him go, but also, I am excited for my new adventure...

......DRUM ROLL PLEASE......

Like my older brother Taylor...I am going to be training too!

I'll just let that sink in for a bit...because it's been 3 days and it still hasn't seemed real for me.

Elder Mamani has two more transfers (for some reason we thought he was done...but I guess he's not), so I dropped him off this morning, and I am now chilling with the others that are going to train from my zone.  They are way cool, and weve had a good P-day, with Monopoly, cookies...and they have a guitar in their apartment, so I played a little bit!!!  Tomorrow, I go to Piura to pick up my new companion. I am soooo excited, and soooo scared. I know I can direct the area...but my teaching and speaking skills are struggling.  But, I am putting my full and complete trust in the Lord.  I know what kind of companion that I want to be, and I can already feel a love for my "hijo".

I don't know how or why...but Saturday, I was praying that my next companion would be the Lords will.  And I trust in the Lord and I know that my President is inspired.  I am so scared, but... SMALL AND SIMPLE THINGS, right?  I feel like during this next 12 weeks (in which I will still be in Negreiros) I am going to be so pushed and twisted, but I also feel like I am going to learn so much.

I have been praying so much...and I feel like the best way to help my new companion, is through FAITH,  WORK,  and OBEDIENCE. This is my personal goal, and am so grateful for this opportunity to help another.  I feel completely insufficient, but with the Lord...I know it will be ok.

OK! funny stories...Today we were driving in this huge Leishman van-taxi and a tiny moto-taxi buzzed by and clipped off the mirror of our van.  So...what was a hot, crowded, bumpy bus ride, instantly turned into 'Gone in 60 Seconds' as we chased down the little moto-taxi that was trying to escape.  All-the-while, our driver was yelling at him.  Needless to say, we escaped without harm.  Higher heart-rate...but no harm.

Another cool experience.  We agree that the Spirit is the power by which we can remember all things...but what happens if it helps you to forget something?  We were trying to go to an appointment with someone we contacted.  In this instance, I was the only one who noted it in my agenda.  Of course, I accidentally mixed up the A and the E in the address because the sounds are different in Spanish...and we went to the wrong house.  I got a little 'talking-to' from my comp.  But, long story turns out that this family that we 'accidentally' went SO ready for the gospel.  Like, they have had dreams of us with angels coming from the sky and all.  So....they now have a date in December for their baptism!  Mysterious ways, I tell you.

I am out of time.  I love you all so much.  I can feel your love,  your prayers and your fasts.  More to come next week!

Love you all SO much!

Elder Bradshaw

PS...received some email from a few friends and family this week and last...thank you know who you are and you REALLY helped me. Thank you.

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