Monday, November 11, 2013

Little Steps of Light

Hola Familia!

I hope that everything is going well at home.  Mom you are scaring me with your knee,  I don’t want that!  Be healthy!  Also, what day is Thanksgiving?  I honestly have no clue. 

This week was great!  I am really growing to love Negreiros.  Especially the people!  This week went really well.  We had the baptism of Analy (a 14 year old girl) which went really well.  Like the others, I can really see the gospel helping her in her life.  It was a great experience to baptize her, but what I love most about baptisms by the time after that we give the converts a bear their testimonies.  They are truly powerful and incredibly spiritual.  I love the people here, and am so glad for this opportunity to serve them. 

Elder Bradshaw and Elder Mamani with Analy at her baptism Sunday.

Sorry, my English is starting to fail a little.  Word orders, spelling, and other things, so please excuse my grammar!

The family de Omar and Maria Elena is really progressing , but even more impressive than the little their awesome grandma.  Marlene, who was recently baptized.  I'll tell you what...she is quite the member!  Because of her...her sister in another city...who she invited to church, is wanting to be baptized!  And because of her...we are now teaching her brother who is way golden.  She now has a calling in the primary, does whatever it takes to attend church, reads, studies, and is now getting ready to go to the temple to do baptisms for the dead.  Everytime we visit them, there always is a “Esta familia es lo maximo”  (This family is the best!) or “Hna Marlene es un converse perfecto!”  (Sister Marlene is the perfect convert!) As I have said before, I love this family so much.  Please pray for them as they prepare for their marriage and Marlene has a surgery tomorrow too!  So please pray!

Zack and Elder Mamani with the Maria Elena, Said Thomas, Omar...and their grandmother Marlene.

I had a pretty cool experience this week.  This week I have been focusing on the Spirit, and how it is important in this work.  With the language, its easy to get side-tracked and to be a little self preoccupied...but when you clear your mind, there always is a small whisper, or a prompting.  Yesterday, we were with a 70 year old member who is really struggling financially and physically.  We gave him a blessing.  When I placed my hands on his head, I cleared my own, and just followed what was there.  It felt like I only had a little bit of light in a dark room, and with each new step, with each moment, there was only enough light to take one more step, then another, then another.  I felt the Spirit so strong, and I know that we are never alone.  If any of you are having problems or need a little bit of help...pray, then clear your own mind, listen, and then act.  I promise you will receive something.



Pday fun? 
We don’t really have much time for anything,  there was a zone activity, but our area is so far away, and we didn’t have the money or the time.  We got a little bit of sleep though!

Most spiritual experience:  
Probably the blessing which I gave! 

Funniest thing:  
We were cleaning our apartment, and just outside of our apartment, there was some long wood boards with 3 lizards hidden within.  We started trying to catch them, and we were really successful, we caught two, then a huge board caught the other.  And now, I have the image of an eyeless lizard with its intestine hanging out of its side.  But it was pretty funny. 

What are you grateful for this week?
My family, the gospel, the scriptures, prophets, the comfort that the Spirit gives, and prayer!  Ill make a list.  I don’t have much time right now!

Something you learned this week? 
The importance of following the little guides and whispers of the spirit.

How's your teaching pool at the moment? 
It's good.  We have the family, and Marlene´s brothers family which are our focuses right now.  Were going to put down a date for baptism for Mumfry (her brother) tonight. 

Did you have a baptism on Sunday?  Si! honest here...tell me...are you writing in your journal?  If you are not...then get with will be so sad if you don't do this...I promise you'll never regret writing in your journal.   
I write in my journal every night!  I know it is important and I love doing it.

Do you have any questions for us? 
No, just be safe please.

And any ideas for Christmas?  
I don’t know any ideas for Christmas.  SURPRISE!  Caramels, and about that? 

This week was great.  We got to go to a talent show with some other branches in-which the total of the family de Omar (see above) participated.  It was awesome.  Said Tomas (6) dressed up in a clown suit and told jokes.  He “roasted" a few missionaries and it was great. 

I love you all sooooo much. Be safe and have a great week!  As always, thanks for your prayers and emails...they mean a lot.

Elder Bradshaw

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