Sunday, December 22, 2013

Letter from last week!

Hola Familia!

Wow!  Christmas in one week and my five month mark tomorrow.  Quite the time.  

Ok everyone is getting pretty excited about all the Christmas things, so I'll jump into that first... The 23 of Diciembre (Monday)  we have a Multi Zona conferencia with two other zones, and Presidente Rowley, so that will be kinda fun.  Then Tuesday I will have my Pday. ( so expect emails to come a little later).  Then Wednesday is Navidad!  Wow!  I can call you guys at whatever time you want.  It would be good if you told me what time you would like, and Taylor too.  If you could, could you make me a Skype account and send me all of the info for it.  I would love to do 10 minutes with him. Since my Pday is Tuesday, you will have to coordinate, then tell me the time (and I don't know what time differences there are too for here Ghana and in the USA) and then Wednesday I call.  I am getting pretty excited!  Christmas packages aren't here yet, but I think this Monday I will get them.  

I am so happy for all of the great things that are happening at home.  Sounds like everything is going awesome!  Harp, dance, christmas,  freezing cold!  Wow!

Ok, now for the week......This week was quite the stretching week.  Lots of patience, lots of work, and lots of disappointment.  We worked super hard this week, and because of this, I am dead tired, but it seemed like we didn't get much done.  I felt like we were swimming in circles.  Tons of appointments fell through, and we didn't get tons of really awesome lessons with the people we are focusing on.  Our investigators right now aren't really progressing and I feel like we hit a concrete wall.   I am still happy, and love everyday, but its a little frustrating when your happiness is in the hands of others agency.   

The mission is focusing a bunch on less actives.  When we report our numbers, we report a new number for Rescued People.  This for us, and for the mission is as important as a baptism, so we are doing tons of menos activo work!  I love it though.  We have two families that are almost rescued, so that is pretty fun.  

Something funny that happened this week:  
We were walking through Negreiros yesterday in the night, and this crazy guy started after us.  I don't know if he was drunk, or if he was mentally challenged.  So, he started after us, and first of all, I have never ever dealt with a situation like this ever, and second...I had no clue what he was saying.  All I could get out of it was that he wanted our food, something about baptisms for the dead, something about  Jesus, and that he was from Ecuador.  Kinda weird, strange, but kinda funny. 
- Most spiritual part of the week:

1. I was on a Work Visit (I dont know if its called that in English), with another elder, and we went to a Recent convert, and he shared his testimony, and it was soooooooo strong.  I want all my converts, menos activos, and...heck!  I want everyone to have a testimony like him!
2. the more I work, the more I study, the more I teach, the more real this gospel becomes to me, and the more real Christ becomes as a brother, friend, Savior, and Redeemer.

- What are you loving about your ward?  
I have really grown close with them recently.  Especially with President Gaston and his family.  We live with them, and recently, we have really become awesome friends.  Its like they adopted us.  Yesterday was our Pensionista's Bday, so we ate lunch with them,  I shared my candy, and we had cake.  They are really awesome.  And because we are really becoming friends with them, we are working better with the members too!
Here's a super blurry picture of Zack with his Pensionista's family birthday celebration
- Any new successes this week?  
I confirmed someone a member of the church and gave them the gift of the holy ghost in spanish!
- How's your companion? 
Were killin' it.  Hes a great guy and a great friend.  Were learning tons together. We go to Piura tomorrow for his training!
- How do you feel like the language is coming?  
I guess you'll see on Christmas!
None this week

Mission Christmas Plans? 
the 23 we have a party, and a zone activity the 25

Ok, there is my letter.  
I am so sorry that its a little boring.  I have a lot going through my mind right now.  Nothing bad or sad, just lots happening.  Can't wait to talk next Wednesday!!!!!

Elder Bradshaw

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