Monday, December 9, 2013

Three Great Lessons

Wow Diciembre!

Before I forget, thanks soooooo much for the mail from Ali Ball, Madi Reese, Rachel Hubert (Arequipa!!!!!!!), Sister Richards, Sister Lund, Mom, and Emily Jorgenson, and the best sisters in the world.  I  Looooooooved them.  And thanks so much for the packages from Mom, Gma P, Gma B, and Ali ball.  I am pretty sure I have many cavities now.  But I'm happy!  So, thanks!

It is so crazy to hear that there is a place in this world that is cold.  We are entering summer here, and everyday its getting hotter.  And hotter. And hotter.  With a sun that cooks.  We have a lot of wind here, so that's helpful, but still.  oooooooooooohhhhh.

Dad, I just laughed out loud when I saw your comment telling us to get reservations at a nice restaurant.  jaja...but there is a good Chicken place that I will be sure to take Elder Rodroguez to.

I am so glad to here about some of the things that you are doing there.  That is soooooo cool and I love that you are enjoying it so much.  It makes me so happy to hear about that.  

This week was a really good week.  I can really feel the Spirit working within me.  We had three lessons this week that just rocked!
1.  With Hno Mumfry....We had a lesson with the brother of Marlene (the grandma of the Omar family who was baptized recently.)  He sat down, and it was like Ammon and Aaron.  It was like we knew his thoughts and questions before he even spoke.  The scriptures he read, were perfect, and we were able to answer his questions well.  All of the questions he had, were soooo perfect.  I loved it.  We put down his date for the 29 de Diciembre.  He is really quite the cool guy.  This I know...the words I said, weren't mine, but were from the Holy Ghost.  Quite the cool feeling...the feeling that comes when you're doing your best and the lord helps you.

2. With Hna Marlene.  We had a lesson where the guidance of the Spirit was so strong.  Scriptures came to mind, the words were there...and everything went super smooth!

3.With Hna Fiory (wife to Mumfry)  She is a super hard core Evangelico....and has been for lots of years,  she goes preaching, goes to her church tons, and knows the bible like crazy. We are the first missionaries to even enter her house, so that right already a small victory.  We sat down with her and started reading 2 Nephi 31 about the baptism of Christ. Then her questions started.  Boom boom boom.  Questions from all over the place.  But we have two things which she doesn't have...1...The Holy Ghost...and 2...the truth.   The holy Ghost helped us remember so many things, from the bible, BOM, and even more.  With the help of the Bible and the Holy Ghost, and many many many questions later...she now has doubts about her church.  We feel that she knows that we have the truth, but she doesn't want to leave her church. It was a real testimony builder for me...of the Holy Ghost and the other things that we taught that day. 


Most spiritual part of your week:
Just seeing the Holy Ghost work with me and Elder Rodriquez many. times.

We had a Mission Night for mutual...but someone cut the power, so we gave our talks in the dark outside of the casa capilla (chapel), and called it good.  It was pretty fun.

We went to the beach today with our district!  And it was super fun!

How are things with Elder Rodriquez? 
We are really doing well.  We are becoming great friends and I feel like his training is going well for him.  He's a good guy and it's pretty fun to be companions with him.

Did you hear that Nelson Mandela died this week?
No, but I did see a black person today.  

What are you studying right now? 
I study the lessons that we are going to teach that day.  Today I studied the Priesthood and the Great Apostasy! Quiet the deal there!  I loved studying that!

Ok, time for bad news. 
Omar and Maria Elena couldn't marry this week.  They had some problems with money and with their papers, so we're waiting a little longer!

I love you so much!  Keep doing what is right!

Elder B

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