Monday, December 30, 2013

A Christmas to remember...and to forget

Wow!  Quite the week.  

I want to remember it and I want to forget it too.  Wow.  

I loved talking with you guys so much.  It feels like a dream...but I loved it.  Every second was so precious and so wonderful.  I hope that you could understand a little bit of my struggling English.  It's quite the weird feeling, to start forgetting what you have always known.   
I loved the call so much.  But...after the call, it really stunk.  We returned to our room and I read all of the letters and just laid there on my bed.  I wish we would have left, but it was almost night and we didn't have too much time, so we just stayed there.  Oh it was horrible.  It felt like I just said goodbye again at the airport.  I read everything and opened everything...then put the candy with my food, and put everything else in a cupboard and I haven't looked at it again.  It really hurt.  But the day after, I was just fine.  Just a trunky overdose after the call.  ugly ugly ugly.

So after or crazy festive Peruvian Christmas Eve with fireworks, fruit cake, and a so-so dinner, on Christmas Day, we got to go to the beach which was awesome.  I loved that so much!  I loved my district so much  and we always had such a fun time.  We BBQ'd some chicken and played frisbee and soccer.  Oh it was soooo fun. The beach and the call were definitely my favorite things.  Quite the different Christmas...but it was great.  
Zack's Christmas Day BBQ on the Beach with his district and other members

The day after Christmas, it was our last District meeting before the transfer, so we went and ate at a chinese restaurant.  A Chinese Restaurant in Peru....I don't even know, but it was so fun.  My district was so awesome this transfer,  I love all of them so much! We have had our transfers, and practically the half the zone was transfered.  There were only two companionships of twenty that remained,  me and elder Rodriguez and one other.  I am excited to see who else came this transfer, but I am really sad because Elder Cardoso left.  He has been one of my best friends from the mission, so that kind of stinks.  But, one of my friends from the MTC came, so thats fun.  So I'm starting my 4th transfer in Negreiros, and I think my last.  I will have 6 months here which is a lot of time!  I love it, but I'm looking forward to seeing some other areas.  

Also this weekend, I had a work visit (I don't know what they are called in English) with Elder Cardoso, so I went to his area and we had an awesome time.   He has been an awesome District leader for me and we've become great friends.  We had a great day.  

We found a family of members who have five kids under the age of ten, and two of their daughters aren't baptized, so we are working with them to baptize them.  They are so awesome and are crazy.  All of the kids were running around the first time we went to their house screaming Hermano braaashaaaaaoo,  Hermano braaaashaaaaoooo.  Over and over and over.  Sounds like a Palmer family reunion!

This week with new year, I really don't know whats going to happen with another holiday.  All I have heard is to expect tons of drunks, and P day for three days. So, were going to see.  I don't really know whats going to happen.  We might go to the branch party, or buy a big soda and celebrate ourselves.

Interesting news...this week...I ate a huge fish ovary...looked like a cartoon witches nose, with blood veins and all, mixed with moon sand (that stuff that is always advertized on tv).  All I'm going to say is that it was horrible.  

Most Spiritual time: 
Today I prayed for an opportunity to find a new person to teach, and we left, walked 2 minutes and someone walked up and asked us to visit them.
Funny story time:
The fish ovary was horrible.  And, this isn't that funny to me...but our apartment hasn't had water in the sink or shower for 4 were hoping.  We filled a five gallon bucket and a couple of pans and stuff, but were struggling!  

Christmas thoughts?  
I loved it here, but it was really hard.  
What did you think of the phone call?  
So great, but so hard too.  After I was so trunky for a couple hours.
Have you enjoyed your packages?  
I loved the extra letters and thanks to every-single person who sent one
Have you enjoyed your ipod and speakers?
 sooooooooooooo much.  THanks sooooooooooo much.

Well my time is up.  
Love you sooooooo much!  
Have a wonderful week at Targhee!  Say Hi to everyone for me!  Sounds like a blast  and be safe, and Lexi, get better!

Elder Bradshaw

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