Monday, January 6, 2014

Happy New Year...and then...Holy Cow!!!


Feliz año!  Dos mil catorce!  (Happy New Year 2014!) 
I hope all of you had a wonderful new year.  I passed it by going to sleep at 10.30!  But that's ok...I hope that all is going well. Sounds like you had an awesome ski trip.  Sounds so fun.

Don't worry about me and all of the Christmas stuff.  I really loved it, but it was just a little tough.  And its really my fault,  after the call, I should have worked...but instead I read the letters and opened everything.  

This week was soooooo interesting, so I guess I will just start in. 

So, its the first week of the new transfer, so basically half of the zone left, and there are so many people I don't know now!  I am the oldy in Talara now.  jaja.  We got a new District Leader who is from Sandy (elder Rapoza) who is pretty cool, and the other  new Elders are awesome too.  

We had a basically a regular week until Thursday...President Gaston Cruz (from the branch, who is basically my best friend here) asked us to go clean the chapel a bit.  I couldn't really understand everything what he was saying, but we accepted.  We left, and went to the chapel the next day to 'clean it up a bit'.  We entered to the sound of rushing water (sometimes there isn't water here, and so somebody left the faucet open when there wasn't water) , and an open faucet was on the second floor.  So there was tons of water on both floors and in a couple rooms with a couple of inches of water. Long story-short...2 hours and 60 gallons of water later, we finished the job.  The worst part is that the only things we had to scoop out the water were a pair of those sweeper collector things (I forget in English)[dustpan]. Quite the "cleaning."

Friday and Saturday were just kind of regular days.  I kind of hit a wall from working so hard, the constant heat, and sleepiness, but all was well.  We had a couple awesome lessons where we really felt like we were building the kingdom of God here on the earth.  But Sunday.....

Sunday Sunday Sunday.  There is a member here whose name is Hermano Delelis.  He was baptized one year ago and is absolutely awesome.  He is 70 years old and every single bad thing that could ever happen has happened to him, but he is soooo cool and soooo funny.  He has been electrocuted, had huge rocks dropped on him, you name it, it's happened to him.  Always has a new story.  
But he is also one of the most strong members here too.  But he didn't have the Priesthood yet.  So Elder Rodriguez and I helped him prepare, then he received it.  And this week I had the opportunity to sit by his side and help him bless the sacrament.  Wow, what a cool guy!  He has taught me so much about life, the priesthood, and everything.

Also, the past couple of Sundays the branch Presidente hasn't been able to attend the church because his work has been getting pretty we have basically been in charge with the help of the first counselor.  Also, lots of the members traveled this week for the holiday.  This Sunday, I helped bless a baby (not the prayer part), blessed the sacrament, taught Sunday school, and taught primary.  It was quite the three hours.  But I guess thats part of being in a tiny branch.  But it was awesome and I look forward to the next opportunity.  I have really discovered a love of teaching.

But I guess the moral of the story is...If you keep the commandments, you will be protected.  This is the number one thing that I have learned on my mission.  If you don't want problems, keep the commandments...It is so do it!


How have you seen the hand of the Lord in your life this week?  
I felt so guided by the Spirit this week!  it really was wonderful.
What miracles did you witness this week? 
Hno. Delelis
What brought you joy?
Seeing Hno. Delelis bless the sacrament
Did you serve someone?
All day every day.  
A spiritual experience you would like to share?
Hno. Delelis.   
A funny thing that happened... 
I've got a Gangsta friend now.(see 'Appendix A' below)  
What have you been grateful for this week? 
The trust God has with me to have blessed me with a knowledge of this gospel all of my life. 

Also, this P.Day, we played water balloon volleyball which was awesome...with our zone.
Another photo of Zack on the Beach on Christmas Day. 

Don't worry about Me....I am completely safe, just having a Peruvian experience.  I am loving it and it is going well.  
Love you so much!

Elder Bradshaw

oh, and PS...
Omar is great and planning to marry in the first of February.

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