Monday, January 20, 2014

Search for that good little thing

Hola familia!

Wow I have 6 months here in Peru!  WOW!!
It really has passed by so fast, and I'm loving it.

Not much happened this week.  It was one of those growing weeks.  I was tested a lot...but it's all good.  I learned lots...So I'll just get started...

So this week, I just felt like I was spinning in circles.  Working working working, and just falling short of the goal.  There were just so many things happened that I didn't have any control over, and made this week a pretty tough one.  We did have two awesome baptisms which was fun.  And just let me say here,  I believe that there is no such thing as a completely bad day, or week, or month.  Always there will be something good that happens, and we need to search for that little good thing. Whether it will be a lesson guided by the Spirit, someone who comes to church, or sometimes a Chalaca (cheap frozen fruit juice), soda, or a cookie.  

We had the opportunity to baptize Maria Luisa, and Renata this week.  Their parents were baptized a while ago, and as a family they were moving around tons and passing through tons of problems.  As a family they have passed through so many problems.  It has been so interesting for me to watch them realize the importance of the Gospel and how Christ is the only one who can help them.  It's been awesome to be a part in that process of helping them to come closer to Christ.  Hno Chumpitaz (the dad)  is the coolest guy, ever.  What ever you ask him to do, he will do it, and he will do it on time...which seems to be really really really rare here.  He is also one of the funniest guys ever (as you can see in the photo.)
Zack and Elder Rodriguez with the Chumpitaz Family (notice the chairs set up outside)

Elder Rodriquez, Hmo. Chumpitaz, Maria Luisa, Renata, and Elder Bradshaw!!

In preparation for the baptism, so many things went wrong...we ended up scooping water out of the chapel AGAIN.  This time, the water was seeping through the ceiling into the chapel.  I decided a last minute take out all of the chairs, the pulpit, and everything, to have the servicio bautismal outside of the church in the patio because the water was dripping everywhere...and the Spirit would not have been there.  So that was interesting...and it was good.  

This week, there was so much work to be done...and I just felt so alone doing it.  Just everything went wrong, and I felt like a was completely alone to handle all of it.  But it's all good.  I learned tons. 

Here in Negreiros, there is a huge problem with people coming late to sacrament meeting.  So the last Sunday, Presidente Gaston, Elder Rodriguez, and I all challenged each of them!  Last Sunday, in Sacrament meeting, we had 27.  This week, after the challenges...we had 42!  Our goal was 40, so we were pumped!  That was probably my bright part of the week!  

I'm sorry, not much happened this week that was all that great.  The familia de Hno Omar is doing good.  Maria Elena has been searching for work and doing stuff to get her title to teach, so its been really slow with them...I don't think I will be here to baptize them which breaks my heart, because I would love to share that day with them...but it's all good.  If they are converted to Jesucristo, that's what matters to me. 

Preguntas! (Questions)
Are things with the Omar family still progressing smoothly?    
Doing good, just a little slow...but that's not all bad
I forgot to ask you on's the training going...for you and Elder Rodriguez?
I have learned sooooo much from this experience.  I am just trying to help him as much as I can.  This week was a good week for us.  Sometimes I need to have a little more patience with him. But this week was good.  I have learned alot...and he has learned alot too.
6 months this week!!!   holy cow holy cow holy cow holy cow! Any celebrations?  
I am pretty excited!  It has really gone by fast.  No celebrations, but it's all good.
Any spiritual experiences this week you would like to share?  
I had an AWESOME scripture study where I had like 7 or 8 questions that were answered in one chapter.  WOW!
How have you seen the hand of the Lord in your work this week?  
It's been tough, but He has been tugging me along.  
P-day fun?  
What do you do for exercise...besides walk and walk and walk.  
ab exercises, running occasionally, and push ups.

Elli is wondering if you have shared any of the bracelets that she made with any children...
I havent yet,  I am waiting for a good oportunity.  its hard to give stuff out when teaching.  But this week I am going too.  I have got some good friends for elli here!
we have passed by, but nothing.
Anything funny to share?  
Everyday something funny happens, but nothing really to write this week!  sorry!

Thanks for you support and your prayers.  Life is a roller coaster, and a mission is like a a ride on the Peruvian freeway, in a little moto taxi with semi's and tour busses skimming by with a teenager driving it, talking with his friend who is hanging off the side.  Sometimes you think your going to die, but in the end its fine,  just rattles you up a bit..

I love you so much.  have a good week....and now...TACOS and BEACH!!!

Elder Bradshaw

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