Monday, January 13, 2014

I love it here!!

Hola familia!

This week was a wonderful week!  I loved it so much.  I love being here in Negreiros, and I love the people here soooooo much.  I am dreading leaving here in a month or so.

But I am safe, nothing bad has happened.  When Elder Rodriguez and I left, we started talking and talking and talking...Wow!  We know the seriousness of what happened, and we've been really careful.  We went to teach him again, but he wasn't there.  Probably out 'working'.  

This week was wonderful...I'll just get started....

We found a part-member family and we are going to baptize their two little girls this week,  (10) y  (8).  They are such a wonderful family and I love them, but they are soooo  crazy.  There is 5 kids under the age of 10 in the house. They are so awesome, and so crazy.  We have been teaching them tons, and one day we stopped by to teach a little bit more.  We entered, and started talking.  They have two little baby cats (like super tiny cats), and they kids started literally throwing them around. At the wall, at the ground, at their crazy little sister, didn't matter, they were just throwing them everywhere.  The cats were doing flips, and everything.  The kids would pick up their cat and just chuck it up in the air, like 8 feet high, then just let it fall.   We didn't teach anything...but wow quite the experience.  They started with 5 cats, and know they've got 2.

This week I really saw a huge miracle happen, one that meant a lot to me.  
First of all, thanks so much for your support with the family of Omar and Maria Elena.  I can tell that you are praying for them.   Omar seemed better last week.  But, when we passed by this week, he was horrible.  He was really sick and just suffering.  It looked like he didn't have any interest in us or anything.  We had Presidente Gaston with us, and it was just an ugly lesson.  I felt so bad after it.  He thought that he had to get it appendix taken out.  We gave him a blessing, and then we left.  
That night, I called them, and didn't get a hold of them.  The next day, we passed by, and they weren't there.  I thought that he went in for surgery and was going to be hospitalized more.  I was soooooo sad.  They have passed through so many difficulties and it has been so hard for me to just sit there and watch it.  That night when I was praying, I begged Heavenly Father to give them a break, to help them rest, and that everything would be ok.  
The next day, we passed by again, and his car still wasn't there.  Holy cow...I felt so bad.  We left and visited a couple more families, and then we had to pass by his house again later.  We passed by, and his car was there!  We quickly went, and started helping them to wash their car.  We helped them, and after we started talking with them.  Omar seemed better, so I was feeling good.  We talked and talked, then Hno Omar stopped.  He looked me in the eye.  and said, "That blessing worked.  When you gave me that blessing, I had lots of faith.  And everything went well.  We went to the doctor, and everything was clean.  I know that God is merciful, and I know that He loves me, and I am ready to get married."  

I have never smiled so big in my life.  Ear to Ear, beaming, sooooo happy smile.  The Lord has responded to my prayers, your prayers, my companions prayers, and the prayers of the branch. 

I know that God lives and loves every one of us.  I know that He is merciful and loving and that he wants the best for us.  I am so grateful for this experience, and every little miracle that I have seen here in Negreiros.  I love it here so much.  I love the dirt roads.  I love the steaming sun.  I love the confusing Spanish.  I love the strange food.  I love the people.  I love all of my friends that I have made, from 2 years old to 75 years old.  It has been so good!

Now for some questions.

Main question:  Are you safe?
I am totally good!
Next question:  Can I call the President and ask him to do an overnight transfer for both of you after that little encounter? 
Don't even worry about it!
Miracles this week? 
See above!
Testimony builder of the week?
See above!
Funny things? 
See above.  It's raining cats and dogs!
Sister Richards, sister Borden, Ally Melendez, Ali Ball 
Pday fun?  
We're going to play some futbol today.
Do you miss me or dad the most? 
Your favorite Peruvian food...or your favorite thing to eat there?  
I love the alfajore cookies.  and recently I have found these things called chalacas.  Its basically frozen fresh fruit juice that is like 20 cents in a plastic bag that you can buy from basically every other house.  It helps with the heat.  I love mango with milk, peanut with milk, kola, and they are all good!
Most spiritual thing?
It's been a good week here in Negreiros! Looking forward to another good one!

Love you so much....All of you.  I hope that everything goes well at home and they everyone is happy!

Love you so much!

Elder Bradshaw

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