Monday, April 14, 2014

Hola familia!

 We had a good week here in Querecotillo….Really really slow, but it was all right.  The highlight was definitely going to Talara and getting to see all of my friends from over there.

I am so happy that my letter got there, and that you all liked them.  I am going to be better with that.  Sounds like you also had a great spring break!  Jealous!

So As I said, the conference in Talara was the best!  It was so fun to pass through Negreiros and to have some time to chill with Elder Rodriguez and the missionary who he is training.  He is a great guy and I am grateful for having had the opportunity to train him.  He’s a great friend.  The conference was so awesome,  President Rowley is amazing and we had a good time.  To finish the conference, the two zones attending had each prepared a skit to act out a Book of Mormon story.  But the Latinos had to speak in English and the gringos in Spanish….That was soooo funny!  I really love being in my mission and with President Rowley.

Zack with Elder R his 'son' (the Elder he trained) and his 'grandson'...the Elder that Elder R is training

 Also this week, we had a service project in the chacras (banana orchards) with some other missionaries, and some members.  Hear this:  I will never ever ever complain about weeding ever again.  We arrived, they gave us a shovel, and we just started hacking away at acres of under-brush, with mosquitos everywhere, and the sun burning and burning and burning.  I am sorry for all the complaints that I have ever made about yard work.  But really, it was a tough one.  But also, we got to go see the river...and when we were leaving, there were a couple of guys climbing up the coconut trees and cutting down the coconuts, so that was way cool to see.  They even gave us a couple of coconuts to drink the water.  But dad, shoveling 10 yards of manure is bad….but this is the worst work I have ever done! Jaja!

Service Day in the banana fields...makes weeding at home a cake walk.


What are you going to add to your diet this week instead only eating pancakes? 
Well...I found maple syrup today…so this week, it’s pancakes with maple syrup!  Jaja
...and I bought more veggies for this week.

Zone Conference? 
So fun! (and the picture is of me, Elder Rodriguez, and my “grandson” as they say...
the elder that he is training.

Things are just going really slow here. 

We are super excited about Mirium and Miguel...are they still progressing?  I bet you didn’t know that you can be a missionary AND a wedding planner!   
So they are progressing!  They are going to get married! Which is a HUGE step for them.  Miguel is a tough one, but were working lots with him.

Loved the story of Francisco Aguilar as well.  Love how you are teaching the Atonement and seeing it work in his is he doing? It’s a Happy Birthday baptism!! 
I love to work with Francisco… He is just so truthful and humble.  I asked him which kingdom of glory he would like to go to, and with the most confident, honest voice, and with total sincerity, he said, “The second one”….

I kinda laughed a little, but he is progressing little by little.

Transfer is 1/2 way right?
Yep!  I think I can I think I can…  I really really really want to train again.

Can you believe you’ve been gone 9 months?  How about that? 
It kinda scares me to see how fast its going.  But its all good.  I am enjoying it, and it’s kinda interesting to see me turn from a greenie, to a more seasoned missionary.

Sending a package this week...any requests? 
Lots of photos and letters, and a little bit of chocolate…I got a package from g and g Bradshaw which was soooooooo great!  Thanks!  And also a group of fun pictures and letters from Jeff and his family...thanks!

So I am happy, and ok... Just a little bit frusturated with the pace of the work.  But I am doing what I can!  I love you all lots and hope that everything goes well for you. 


Love you lots

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