Monday, July 28, 2014

12 months in Peru

What a week!

And wow!  I have a whole year here in the mission....That is so crazy.  It really kind of scares me how fast a year can pass by.  

Well this week was really a good solid week.  Just a good happy week.  This week we saw a little bit of success, but its not coming from finding new people, or baptizing them, its coming from working with Less Actives.  This week I just felt more successful and felt like we were working really hard, even though we are stuck in a hole.  And when I am working, I am happy!  Thats the secret to the mission.

I don't know where to start....

So Tuesday was the birthday of Elder Evans, a missionary from my group who is in my district.  We are really good friends, and for that day, we planned a little party for him, and after the District meeting, we had cake and soda with them (photo).  Turns out that later that day, we also had cake two more times for his birthday, so it was a fun day!
Elder Evan's Birthday Cake...take 1.

Wednesday was basically regular,  I had a work visit with Elder Campo (Ecuador) and we had a good day.  We did visits with our Ward Mission Leader, Ricardo, who served in Mexico and finished recently.  He is the best, seriously he is so funny and we have such a good time with him.  He also helps us out so much!  In moms email, she gave me some ideas to find new people and one of them was work with the ward council....but our ward council is what is so cold! So our real only help we have is Ricardo, the bishop, and the other two sister missionaries in the ward.  So thats one of the blocks in the path that we are working on too.  The ward is a little bit cold, but thats just my shower every morning....and there is always an end to a cold shower.

Jueves...  This was my One Year Mark Day!  It was a good day and I really liked it. It was kind fun because President was doing room revisions this day....So we had to go with them to see a couple of the rooms in the morning, and I just like to be around President....He is a really cool guy.  Then in the afternoon my companion was a sick so I had some study time, then President did our Room check.  Our room was clean, and really it was a good experience.  Then that night we had a lesson with JG.  I just love JG!  I am really so happy for him, and I just want to do everything I can to help him.  His son left on the mission and after that, things just started changing...He is more open with us, he had the opportunity to talk with President Rowley when his son left, and he is progressing tons!  He was his three necessary Church attendances, is reading the BOM, and is praying....He just wont put down a baptismal date yet.  He is our only investigator, but there is nothing more that I want than to help him be baptized!  I know he will, its just a little bit more of time....Including, when Presidente Rowley was here he said "J... will be a REAL convert when he gets baptized!"  so were working hard!

Friday, just a regular day. 

Saturday...A couple of weeks ago, we planned with our Lider misional, and with the sister missionaries to do service every saturday in the morning. So thats what we are doing.  We have started with leaders, and now we are serving what ever moves.  So that was a good time.  And later we did a "team fast" to find the way to find success!  We really are seeing changes in the ward.  Its gotten better from when I first got here.  I like to think of it like Megatron en Transformers one....He was frozen for a long time, then by coincidence, when that old guy fell through the ice hole and touched his nose, he woke up...We found the ice whole, but we just are missing the "nose touch".

I just really like Sundays....It was just really good day.  I gave a talk in church which was kinda like that Huge giant german baloon that blew up, but it was fine, I hope that someone got the point.  

This week, in the night, I was watching a little bit of that movie "One Good Man". ( don't worry, its approved) My companion has It and I remember watching it in Lake Powell, and just being so bored.  But it was kinda interesting this time I watched it.  It really reminded me a lot about home and a lot about the culture, homes, and everything there, but I realized one thing when I was watching it.....I don't know If I will ever want to come home.  Its not like I am scared of what I will find, its just that I love it so much here.  Do be truthful, I am sick of the heat sometimes, and a couple of other culture glitches, but I just love being where I am, doing what I am doing, and feeling so close to the Savior.  The other day we were talking about Young Adult activities and Institute, and I said to myself...Going to Institute and learning doctrine sounds more fun than a dance....I just love it so much here and am so happy to have a whole year more!

Transfers are this week, and its a solid 100% that I will be getting a new companion.  I have loved my time with Elder Castro and we are really great friends.  I will miss him but It will be interesting to see who my next comp is.  Its kinda sad because half our our zone will be transfered.  I have so many great friends here and I am really sad to see some of them go.  but  its all good.

Any different thoughts running though your mind as you've been out a year?  I DON'T WANT TO EVER GO HOME!

How is Juan Garcia Progressing?  So pumped for him,  just hoping that all goes well!

Less Active Family? Turned their backs on the miracles which they saw....Really kinda sad to see.

Any new contacts this week?  We are talking with people, but no really good ones.

How many missionaries in your ward?4, us and the sisters.

P-day fun? in the morning, played soccer, in the afternoon, played basketball and volleyball, then went to the border to buy stuff.  jaja

How have you seen the hand of the Lord this past week?   In the Life of Juan Garcia.  We also took the Sacrament to a Less Active who is confined to her home and it was a really spiritual experience.  Just like with Sister TImms...(how is she by the way?)

Health? Every Monday Wednesday and Friday we play soccer with the other 2 companionships in the morning from 6 to 7.  So I feel really healthy...Also I made 6 goals today!

I'm going to start gathering things for a package...any requests?  Oh, I got a package from G and G bradshaw. And I loved it!  hmmmmmm I am really getting kinda bored of my music.  If you could send me some CD'S.  The rule is "whatever brings the spirit"  so some nice quite piano music, Piano Guys, guitar quite stuff...You can judge, but it doesn't have to be from the church. 

Something you learned this week?  That there is a whole lot more to learn!

Funny stuff?  Today when we were playing soccer, I set down our cell phone (only the ZLs can take them our of the apartments) and someone came and stole it!  Alone with my super cool peruvian coin, and my wallet with 11 soles (3 dollars).  Super ticked off!  Welcome to PERU

Well I am doing super good.  I am really happy and going strong.  The next week I will let you know how its going with my NEW companion, and all.  Love you so much and I hope that it rains the whole time in Lake powell and that you cant find a good spot and that you all fill up the sewer tanks so you have to finish the trip earlier!  (just joking!)  I hope that it all goes sooooooooooo well!  Be safe and careful and know that I pray and love you all so much!

Elder Bradshaw

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