Monday, July 28, 2014

My Companion Speaks English!!

Hello Family!

Well I had a great week here in Peru.  It was just a fun week and I had a good time.  It was the last week of the transfer, and it was a little bit hard to say goodbye to my friends here in the Zone, but transfers are always a good thing.  Elder Castro was a great companion and I really learned tons from him.  He is definitely one of my great comps that I have had and the past transfer was probably the most fun one I have had.  

So I stayed in my Area here in Puyango, and My new companion is Elder Romero.  He was born in Honduras, but has lived in the states for a really long time.  We got to know each other a year ago in Talara, and is one of my really good friends, so I am super pumped!  He is a super good missionary and this is his last transfer in his mission!  Its also the first time that I have ever seen two English speaking companions HUZAAAAAH

So......This week....This transfer I have really had such an awesome district.  WE are all just super good friends and we always did fun things together.  It was a district a little bit crazy, but we had a great time.  Tuesday was our last district meeting so it was kinda fun.  

Wednesday was just a regular day.  Nothing too exiting.  Thursday I had a work visit with Elder Cortijo, (from Lima) and we worked soooooo hard.  Such a great time.  We were looking for some Less Actives and we knocked on a door to ask where one person lived, and this 17 year old left and we started talking with him.  He invited us in and we started talking a little bit about the restoration of the gospel, and he had tons of Questions.  He seems to be 25 years old and he was just railing off on the questions.  And we were able to answer every single one.  SO COOL.   He really is a guy that wants to learn so much.  It was a really powerful lesson and I had a blast.  We have passed by again, but we haven't found him.  But we will keep on looking.  His name is Jorge, so were going to keep on looking for him.

Saturday they told us the transfers and we didn't know at what time we were going to have them, so while we were waiting, with the elders from our district, we went to one of their rooms and made pancakes.  Elder Miller (from New Mexico) and I cooked banana peanut butter pancakes, and chocolate pancakes too.  Then everyone mooched off of us, but it was a good time.  We cook them to perfection.  I want to send pictures, but I hooked up my camera, and when I did, everything shut down, so its better to wait till next week.  WE were there cooking and then we got a call that the transfers were ready.  They weren't really anything which we expected but it was good.  Later Saturday we went around and bought all of the bus tickets and prepared for the transfers and all. Then in the night as a district we went out for chicken and french fries....Don't know why that is soo big here, but its ok.  

Sunday was just a regular day, filled with my comp saying goodbye to everyone and preparing a little.  
Interesting fact:  this week I talked to two people that had been, worked, and lived in Utah (one was wearing a USU hat), and found a penny on the street.  guess they were just signs of my having an English speaking comp!  Its crazy because here in Tumbes is basically the middle of NO WHERE, and the only things which are white is basically me and my other gringo friends.  
Then today I sent off my comp, played soccer and got my new comp.  

Eating out a lot still or cooking more?  
I don't usually cook.  We just don't have too much time, and I am super tired.  I have goals to eat better, and I really am not eating too bad.  Just want more fruit.

Next trip to Piura? 
NEXT week.

Is the weather a little less hot right now or not?  My phone weather app says it's 80 with 69%humidity
Its a little less hot now,  still in the 90s I think, but there is a little breeze and all, so its all good.  not too bad.

Is your area a tourist destination for other Peruvians that are colder right now?
I don't know why anyone would vacation here in Tumbes, other than the beaches.  The beaches are beautiful I love them, but other than that, its basically just a deserted city.

What is a typical Sunday for you?  
wake up, eat, shower, study, ward council, church, eat with members, study Spanish a bit, then off to work.  Then in the night we have to report the numbers and all, so its a little bit more time to rest.

Any interesting mission activities coming up?  
Interviews are coming up.

Any national holiday's this summer?  
Today is the National Independence day, but all the parties were yesterday.  Today nothing really has happened, just beer beer and more beer. 

I'm doing really good, happy, excited and can really feel the blessings coming from your prayers.  We are seeing changes here in Andres Araujo and its really getting better.  thanks for everything and I love you all a ton!

Elder Bradshaw

ps, thanks dad for your letter.....I loved it.  So cool!  I am excited for part two!

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