Monday, July 7, 2014

Excited for Taylor

This is the first week that I haven't put down Taylor on my list to email!  Weird!!!

Well, it is kinda hard for me to see him finish his mission, probably because these few weeks have been pretty tough.  All of the other missionaries laugh at me when I talk about Taylor and all, but it’s all good.  I am super excited for him and for you guys.  Don’t get me wrong...I am happy, and I am so happy to have a whole year left.  I have got work to do, and quite frankly, I wouldn't want to be home right now!  (in a good way)  It’s weird to see my mission in the past year, and to think about whats going to be happening in the next year.  Right now, I just want to work work work  and work.  There is so much to do.  You will need to send me tons of pictures...TONS!!!  I want to see everything that you guys do next Monday when I open my email!

I am really happy today, it’s been a great p-day.  We live super close to the church, and super close to two other companionships, so my p-days have kinda become like we are just hanging out.  With the young men today, we played soccer for like 3 fun!... then we ate lunch, messed around a bit, then took off.  We went to a super cool city that is divided by a river.  Half the city is in Ecuador and half in Peru.  It’s kinda like Tijuana en Mexico....Just full of stuff to buy.  So I finally bought a USA soccer jersey and a Peruvian one too.  We had an awesome day. Super fun.

In the city of Aguas Verdes for p-day.

So with my companion....We are super chill.  He is the coolest guy.  We are super good friends, and we get along great.  This week he thanked me for wanting to work hard.  We are having an awesome time.  In my letter to president, I expressed a little frustration with the area, and when he came for a multi zone conference, he asked to speak with me for a moment.  I got super scared, but I haven't done anything wrong!  jaja But we just talked a little and he asked me about my frustration, and I said that my area is a “little slow”...and he said...” Its probably a LOT slow”...jaja so there is a ton of work to do and I am ready to do it.  The ward is basically frozen, and whats not frozen is dead.  the only help we have is from our RM Ward Mission leader and the Bishop...but we are working with them a ton to get it a little bit better.  We are also working tons with the husband of a member, and wants to change his life, and has a son who is leaving on a mission, but he doesn’t want to commit to a baptismal date...but before, he never attended church, but has attended the last two weeks!  So we are pumped...Just hoping that he accepts a date...Baptismal date that is!

So thats basically my week.  To be serious,  I have never felt really trunky in my mission, but right now, quite frankly, I do.  I am sorry.  I am still working and doing everything.  It's just with Taylor coming home, a companion that is a little bit more fun, it’s just a little bit hard, and sometimes I get down, but its all good.  I am super happy, and then sad and then’s just the deal...  Just got to keep on going. 

Getting to know the area better? 
Yeah I basically know it....We have one I’ve got that part down...It’s also a tiny area so it’s all good.

How are things with the companion? 
Super good.

What things are you learning from him? 
Tons!  He’s really smart and a really good guy.  Really respectful of me and I really enjoy being with him.

How is your old area...did those families that you were excited about work out? 
So one of them is going really well....I called Elder Nosa this week to have him send me something, and one of them is progressing a like crazy!  They have plans to get married, and to be baptized....Soooo that’s the Bradshaw way to finish a transfer....Find the golden family and then pack your bag.

Looking forward to what coming up? 
GOING TO LIMA TOMORROW NIGHT!!!! WITH TONS OF MY FRIENDS!  So pumped!  There is an airport in this city so we just get to fly down instead of taking the bus to Piura then the airplane...which will be awesome.  It will be for just one day in Lima... I think I might get to go to Temple if there is time!  Pray for it.  We are going just for visa stuff so it's all good.  But I'll get to see my friends.

Good food?
In Aguas Verdes (the city that we went to today), I found a pomegranate!  So I am pumped to eat it!

Well I am on a high right now, and this week will be good too.  I fasted to a) find a family and b) find the way to get the ward moving...So if you’ve got some good advice, I am open for it.

Sometimes I get discouraged because I don’t feel like I have really had tons of success in my mission.  I feel like I try try try and try and work and am obedient, but don’t really have any fruits.  I have baptized like 8 or 9 people, but I don’t feel like any of them have been ‘Golden’, or ‘Waiting for the gospel’, or having ‘a mighty change’ because of the gospel.  They are great people, but I just want to find a family the NEEDS the gospel so bad.  That is really all I want.  And its a little discouraging to finally get one, then to be transfered...But there is only one way to improve that, and I know what it is....WORK.

Don’t worry about me, I really am super happy and good.  Excited for the week, and in the next week I will have a whole year!  So pumped....We are planning something fun to do!

I'm out of time.  Have a great time and send me tons of PICS on MONDAY!  I want to see everything!

Love you all so much and send my love to everyone!

Elder Bradshaw

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