Monday, August 4, 2014

Amazing Week

Hello Family

Sounds like you all had an awesome week this week....Temples, mountains, Tetons, motorcycles, that all sounds awesome!  I am a little bit jealous, but not much, because we literally had such an awesome week.  I can’t even describe it.  Elder Romero is the best companion I have ever had...and I bet the best one I will ever have.  Starting right after I sent my last email home, we started working working and working, and we have been working till now.  I am so tired and we both have crashed so hard, but it's been such a great week. area has been a pretty hard one.  Mainly because we didn’t have too many people to teach.  Investigators, less actives, or converts...we only had just a few people that would listen to us.  We worked with those people during the last transfer, but after that, there wasn’t much to do.  This week...using the ward directory, asking for referrals, and searching part member families, we found SO MANY PEOPLE.  Starting with MA  (less actives)....this week we found the Familia Hinostroza.  The mom has been to the temple but her husband hasn’t, and they are both inactive.  We found them and started teaching them.  We met with them like 4 times this week, they are reading everything we give them, and they even came to church yesterday!  They are progressing so much and I am so happy for them.  We also found another MA, Roberto Vidal...Hes a less active son of an active member.  We found him a couple of weeks back, and he has already read like 12 chapters in the BOM.  The other Less actives that we are teaching, almost all of them are progressing, and this week, we had 7 MA that attended church, and we taught 15 lessons with MA!  Maybe it won’t end up with a baptism, but its my goal and my dream that one day they can all make it to the temple.  Sorry to ramble on a bit and shoot out tons of numbers and stuff, but for me...after a really really slow have seen this much success in one week...I am just so happy.

One day, we passed by to teach another new Less active and we entered the house and the MAs daughter was sitting there with her two kids.  We taught a super powerful lesson to the two MA and the three new investigators that were there, and took out another appointment.  A couple of days later, we returned and when we entered the house, they already had the seats set up, they were there waiting, and had even invited their dad to be there.  We taught a super powerful lesson of the Restauracion...Restoration....sorry...and it was so awesome.  Its such a great family.  They are called, the Dios Vilela family....Which translated into English would be the ‘God’ family....So thats pretty funny!  I am so excited to teach them...the dad is Carlos, with his wife...Rosa, their kids...Rosa and Marlon....SO Excited for them.

So in one week, we went from 5 people to teach, to like 20 or more.  It really was soooooooo crazy.  And the ward is starting to change and support us lots too!  We are super excited, and so tired!  But I am happier, and really excited.  Starting to fall in love with Puyango.

I remember how Taylor described one of his areas using the Quote from General Yamamoto before the attack on Pearl Harbor.  And I was telling my companion about this and relating it to our area...”Andres Araujo 1 (our area) is like a sleeping giant, we just need to find a way to wake it up.”   and after, my companion said....than I think we just dropped pearl harbor!  Really, it’s been such a successful week. 

Peanut Butter Pancakes last week.  Cooked to perfection.

What was your most spiritual moment this week...
We had an awesome lesson with Hno Hinostroza.  It was our first lesson with him and it was so powerful.  His family were all in tears and he realized what he was missing and decided to change.  Super cool.  We have also had tons more lessons that were awesome with him.

How is your ward doing? 
It’s improving, there has really been a huge change in these few weeks.  The members are getting more and more excited.  Still a little sleepy, but were hacking away at it.

What have you been studying lately...
I’m reading right now in Helaman.  Super cool.  I'm also study for the lessons that we have each day.   So, mostly the Restoration.

Any great new recipes you’ve tried? 
Today I cut up a papaya with a banana.  We hardly cook.  Usually eggs, sandwiches, and fruit.

Who are you teaching?
The Hinostroza Family, Juan Garcia, the Visitacion family (converts recently), Rosa Granda, the Dios family, Roberto Vidal, the family Vidal Quiroz, and more!

Did you ever clean your room? 
We have got plans for that, but we have been working full bore.

Did you do anything fun for P-day? 
We played some games, then at 3 we have to go to Piura...but we got tickets on the nice bus :)

I am happy, and doing super good.  Elder Romero is a super hard worker and hes teaching me tons.  I feel more and more comfortable as a zone leader, and am so happy to be where I am right now.  Everything is going well!   

Thanks for everything and I love you all sooooooo much!

Elder Bradshaw

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