Tuesday, August 19, 2014

PERU...I have something for you...

P-day exploring.

Ahhhhh...This week was a little bit long, and a little bit frustrating.  I am doing fine, just a little bit tired, as always.  This week, we basically lost all investigators, and are at basically “0”,  almost literally.  jaja with investigators.  I feel like the canteen is getting a little bit empty.  I love my mission and I love everything, but it’s just a little bit frustrating.  Thanks for all the letters they have really helped.

This last week, we had a lesson with Juan Garcia, our investigator of “gold”, and we kind of contended a bit about baptism because he never accepts a baptismal date.  After that we kinda lost contact with him, until yesterday.  He still reads the BoM, but he didn’t accept to have a lesson.  I don’t think he will progress, and that makes me feel bad.  Satan has worked hard on him, and its hard to see him go, especially when we have put so much time and work into him, but his time with come.  We are still going to visit him and all...we just don’t really know what to do.  We have another family that we found  2 weeks ago, but we haven't be able to find them all together for the longest time, but I’m sure it’ll get better....we can improve!

I just want to say...”Peru!  I have the greatest thing in my hands and I just want to share it with all of you. Just listen to me for a second and I promise that everything will get better!”

This week we had interviews with President Rowley, and he really helped me realize that, contrary to my recent thoughts, I am a successful missionary.   I may not have been called to baptize, but I feel that I am doing my part rescuing. 

Two weeks ago, we found the family Hinostroza.  The sister has always been half-active, but her husband has been inactive for 14 years...at least.  He had always rejected the missioneros and everything, but for some reason that day...he changed.  We have taught him a lot, and he has kept every commitment that we have given him.  Every lesson we have had with them, has just been filled with the Spirit and with this family, it’s one of the first that I have really seen fruits of the work.  This week, we put a temple date.  They have plans to go to the temple 21 and 2 of November so I am hoping that everything goes well until then.  I am so happy for them and it has been incredible to see the power of the gospel in his life.  I love them tons!

With a child from a family they were teaching...photo look familiar???

Zack's brother in Ghana one year ago...
This week was filled with tons of crazy things so I will just put them in a list.

1.) We had to go pick up the District leaders from the bus station, and they were getting in so late...So while we were waiting for them in the center of Tumbes, at midnight...we just sat down on the bench and played Skipbo....Don't worry, we weren’t disobedient.  We had to pick them up, and they got home super late because were so far away from Piura, but it was a fun time. jaja

2.)  A little kid I was sitting next to yesterday at church just blew chunks all over the place. My companion was giving a talk, and when He came back, I had ditched that place, and the little kid was sitting there covered in barf....jajaja

At the beach for p-day with Elder Romero

3.) Today we went to the beach and played football americano....AWESOME!  Super fun!  Later we bought a huge plate of Chicharron de Pescado....My new favorite plate...fried fish, shrimp, giant squid, and sometimes octopus!  SOOOOO GOOD....Picture included.

Zack's new favorite food...yum
4.) There was a huge ‘family history fair’ in the Stake Center so Elder Romero and I helped a ton there and we taught like 200 people all about familysearch.org, and “my family” (little booklets) and everything......SO FUN! Loved it!

Can you find the paper crane??

5.) The sisters had a baptism this week, and I interviewed the lady, so she asked me to give a talk...so I did...and we also sang a special music number....I also gave a talk in church yesterday!

6.)We have been teaching a family Less Active that has two twins...I think they are like 2 years old because they cant talk.  But one of them always comes over and when he wants something, he just looks, points, and just groans, and groans until he gets what he wants...Better than crying i guess.

I am doing well, there is just more to do.  I am having a blast with my companion and I do love what I am doing.  My testimony is growing so much and I love love love the Book Of Mormon.  Read it everyday, and if you don't, I will be sad.


Have you seen any ‘tender mercies’ this week? 
This week....a couple....mainly my interview with Pres and the Familia Hinostroza.  I feel like I am improving as a missionary and as a Zone leader, so its all chill.

Did your mission get a lot of new missionaries over the summer...the second wave of younger missionaries... 
We didn't get too many, I think this transfer that is coming we get a whole bunch.  I was in the office when we went to Piura and I saw all of their stuff.  There is one from Alpine....I hope he comes to Puyango!

Something that made you laugh this week.... 
The kid barfing all over during church and all....So funny! 

You said your companion has been great for you...how so? 
He is such a great missionary.  Works hard, smart, and a planner.  He just does everything at the moment you ask him and he is awesome.  My Spanish is also getting better with him...even though he speaks awesome English.

How do you help him? 
I help him not be so trunky....He finishes his mission in three weeks, and I can tell its getting hard for him...but he’s super cool.

I am doing great this week, all is well, just more to do and more people to find!

Love Elder Bradshaw

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