Monday, August 25, 2014

Me and dogs...not good.

Wow, we have almost finished August.  Dad...Happy Birthday on Sunday!

This week was a little bit interesting and all, lots of good stories, but actually just a really boring week.  Other than a few good lessons and all, nothing very awesome really happened.  I guess I will just kinda fly through my week to see how it goes. 

Monday in the night, we actually found a little taco restaurant!  It was the absolute worst taco I have ever eaten and I felt so sick after, but it was a TACO!  A taco in Tumbes is more rare than a gringo! 

Tuesday... Elder Romero and I put on a small zone training on family history and on how a ward council should work.  In the afternoon, I had a work visit with our DL Elder Garay from Paraguay.  He’s a cool guy and we had a successful day.  We worked hard and walked soooooo much but it all went really well.  We even found a new FAMILY to teach. (I’ll explain them a little bit more ahead)  But we taught the Restoration really well in my opinion and we left feeling pretty awesome.  I feel like now, I have started to see all of my preparation pay off.  I know spanish decently, I can teach fluidly, and everything is going pretty well.

Miercoles...I was back with Elder Romero and we walked and walked and walked and walked....We visited like 5000 people and no one could or would listen to us.  We then bought ourselved a Gatorade and just sat down wondering what to do.  We remembered a small small town that by the beach that is part of our area.  Its a tiny town that is hidden in the “everglades”.   It’s a mix of salt water and fresh water so there is tons of animals...Including alligators....It’s also where Francisco Pizarro landed for the first time before he took over the Incas....or at least that is what I am told.  So....we got the idea to call our Ward mission leader Ricardo how we can get there.  We call him and he tells us...”Dont go, it's almost night, and it's dangerous...don’t go....”

So...we went.

We got there and it was all super cool, super beautiful and all.  We started walking down the streets looking for some less actives, and it’s super humble.  Were walking down the road, and for some reason Elder Romero is filming it.  There was a little girl using the restroom in the road, a boat just in the middle of no where, then I turn my head...and this HUGE German Shepherd starts running after me.  I saw “battle” in its eyes as it barreled toward me showing its white teeth.  Our of desperation...trying to show him my strength...I try to kick him.  I think I may have misjudged it somehow, and I ended up on my back in the middle of the dirt road.  Elder Romero is pulling my sleeve saying “get up get up get up get up” and the dog is flipping a U turn to bring on the second strike.   But, then, for some changed directions and went off calmly.    Holy crap I almost messed my pants.  I hate hate hate dogs so much.  The dogs here are so dirty, they don’t have hair and they are all diseased, and they just chase you and bark at you and drive you crazy.  I hate hate hate dogs. And I will never change. 

Jueves, de nuevo, todas las cita se nos cayeron.  (Thursday, also our appointments fell) We walked and walked and walked and no one had time for us.  Until it was night time.  We had another appointment with the family we found so we went to visit him.  He had read the BoM, but we started talking to him, and...He´s A HARD CORE ATHEIST.  Just our luck! jaja I have been here 13 months and have talked to so many people and he is the first atheist I have ever seen.  He had read and deeply studied the introduction of the BoM, and it was fun to try to answer him questions and all. He is a good guy, just hard core atheist good guy.  Bradshaw luck! jaja

Nothing really happened Friday.  I just started feeling a little bit down about the slowness of the week, but it was all good.

Saturday was just a regular day.  We had really bad luck this week!  jaja

And Sunday was a good day.  We left the room at 9 in the morning for church and didn’t come back until like 6 in the evening to pick up some things.  We worked super hard and saw a little bit of success.  We found another Less Active that I really think is going to progress.  It’s weird.  I’m thinking my job is not to baptize right now.  It’s to rescue.  Mission work now is reactivation, retention, and baptizing.  And my calling now is the reactivation. 

Zack.  Elder Romero. Someone else.

It was a little bit of a slow week, but it was fun. Some funny things happened and I am enjoying working with Elder Romero. 

By the way, I love the new family theme!  That’s awesome.  It’s already written on the front page of my agenda!  Good choice.  ...and I love the reasons behind it, and I will do my best to do that.

How are you seeing the hand of the Lord in your life? 
He has helped me feel better when I am down, and has guided me to the people that really need what I have to offer. 

P-day fun...
Played basketball (third time in a year) and soccer for maybe 3 hours. Saw this that ok?

What things you are learning as a zone leader...
Different kinds of leadership and the importance of serving.  As Jesus Christ said (don’t know in English) “he whom who wants to be the best among you, will be your servant” 

Are you able to exercise?
Yes!  We play soccer from 6 to 7 in the mornings Mon, Wed, and Fri.

Are you going to sing in church when you get home, I can arrange that for you....
I was thinking about that lately.  I have absolutely lost all fear of talking with people, of singing, of speaking in church, of doing what ever in public.  Kinda strange.  But no...I will not sing in church.

I am doing good and all, happy and ready for a good week.  Right now we found a REAL Mexican food restaurant, so we are going to go and eat there. 

I love you all and know that I am here for you all too if you need my help or anything.  I am far away but I can try!


Elder Bradshaw

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