Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Wellllllll family.

I'm back from my trip to Piura...sorry I didn't get to write on Monday but it's been fun to look forward to writing today.  Although, I don’t really know what to write this week.  All was good, so I guess I will just send a little small recap of the best parts.

This week, we planned a huge ward activity.  In Peru, there is a show called “Esto Es Guerra” or “This is War”.  Everyone here basically worships it.  It’s basically just a bunch of inappropriately dressed girls and stupid guys dancing around and doing silly things like making cup towers and other stupid games.  Really is the most ridiculous thing in the world.  So...we decided to do a knock-off  of it for a ward party.  Our ward is super cold and is less active than the other branches I have been in.  We get about 80 attend church each week and we had a little bit over 80 attending the ward activity.  It was crazy and but it turned out super well.  We called it ‘THIS IS GAMES’, and it was a blast.  It was super fun though, awesome!  We worked a ton with that this week, making everything for I’m glad it turned out so well.

Our teaching pool is still small, and filled with Less Actives.  Its crazy that we almost have 0 investigators, but we have tons of LA that come to church and that are progressing nicely!  It’s pretty awesome.  The family H. is going super well.  Oh!  But at the zone leader training, I was talking with my friend, who is a ZL in Talara, and he said that O. & M E got married and also baptized!!!!!  (remember my first area, the family that I taught!)  Also, in Querecotillo, they have baptized two more people, that I also taught.  Even though I may not have baptized for 6 months, I am feeling like my work has been worth it.  I'm so hopeful that those people will be able to feel the happiness that the gospel will bring into their lives.  True happiness. 

Things are going good with Elder Romero...he gets to go home next week!  We are just going to have a good week! He is going to Provo when he goes home, so I told him to give you guys a call, and maybe you can take him out to eat or something.  It would be kinda cool.  He really is the coolest guy, and its been a bomb to work with him.  The zone is improving and everything is going really well.  Transfers are Monday morning, but Elder Romero leaves here Sunday afternoon.  (We just bought his ticket!) and I will know who my comp is on Saturday.  Elder Romero told President that I need a good-hard working comp, so...we will see what happens.

P-day sight-seeing...before Elder Romero finishes his mission and heads home next week.

All of the office elders told me that they always read my's a shout out to them!

We made t-shirts for the whole zone and they turned out super sweet! I’ll send a pic.

Puyango zone t-shirts...notice the number Zack chose for his shorts...jaja!

We went to Piura this week, and all is well.  It’s a little bit tiring and all, but I always like to go for training and to see some friends.

1.  How have you been “Golden” this week? 
I’m trying to be a little nicer with the people, by knowing their names and really listening to them.  And its working!

3.  What are you loving about dad today? 
All of the things that he taught me!  Really I value it all sooo much.

I saw a weed-whacker yesterday and I got jealous.

4.  I’ve noticed that when you are struggling or having a hard seem to learn some great lessons...what are you learning through this dry spell in your mission. 
Just more work work work and work.  The Lord works in mysterious ways, and we just have to be ready to do what He wants.

5.  Are there things that we can do that would be helpful to you? 
Just send me more pics and letters and emails!  :)

6.  Coolest thing about your week. 
How the activity I talked about above turned out.  It really was a miracle.

I am doing good.  I love you all so much!  Have an awesome week!

Elder Bradshaw

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