Monday, September 22, 2014

Missionary Pranks

Habla Familia!
Hows it been going this week? Shout out to Elli...Happy Birthday little one.  12!??? That's crazy.
This week was a pretty chill week.  Nothing really awesome or crazy happened but I do have a couple of good stories.
So we were cleaning our apartment the other day, and we found a pair of keys for almost all of the apartments of the zone.  Later, we got a call from the office and we had to go meet with a few Elders to tell them about a change of plans.  So Elder Mulford and I planned to go a little bit early to play a trick on him.  So we went over, opened their apartment, then just kinda messed it up, opening suitcases, putting clothes all over, just making it look like someone had ran through there and robbed them.  We then left the door open and waited until they got back...We waited and waited and then we heard them start running and freaking out.  It was really really funny, we had a good time.  Don't worry, it wasn't to bad of a prank or anything...but it was super fun.
So...The R N Family.....I can't even explain them.  It's so crazy!  Their progress has been so fast.  We invited Madelaine to read the Book of Mormon and the first time she read 18 chapters, and the second she read 14.  She is just flying through the Book of Mormon and it's so awesome.  The whole family has a baptismal date for the 18 of October, but we are still waiting for the marriage.  If you could pray for that one!  They are soooooo awesome and wonderful.  We already have great trust in them, and them in us.  They are so awesome.  Hope everything keeps going the way it's going.  There are 5 in the family, but 3 above 8.  And they all attended church this week!
This week has just been kinda long, not really too much progress.  The area is getting better, but we still spend like 3 hours everyday walking around looking for people to teach, because everything falls through.

Tell us about the people you are working with...
So we are working tons with the R. N. Family.  There are 5...Christian (dad), Madelaine (mom), David (10 años), Andrea (4 anos), Alessandra (2 anos). 

We are also doing tons of reactivating...with R. C..  He's progressed a ton too.  He's like 60 years old, baptized a while ago but its hard for him to go to church because he works in a shrimp farm and he works soooooo much, all through the night and all.  But he is the coolest guy, super simple and humble, but so awesome.  He is now attending and reading!

Marcos Hinostroza, hes a LA we found with Elder Romero, he's super awesome too. 

We are working toooooooons with LA. 

ohhhhhh and the V. family....So the parents were recently reactivated and their daughters were recently baptized....And they lloooooooooooove us.  The girls are 12, 10 and 5 and they live in really really humble circumstances, but they are so receptive to us.  Including they wrote "Elders" on the front door.  They are super awesome.

How's p-day today?
Super cool, relaxed today.
Traveling to Piura when??
In two weeks, I think.  This week is a Multi-zone conference so President and his wife are coming here.

In what ways are you better than when you left... 
I guess you'll just have to wait 10 months more.

Best thing about this week?
Teaching the R. N. Family.  So awesome....They are the family that gets me up in the morning.

How's the comp?
Super awesome!  Getting along super super well.

Have you done anything nice for him this week?
Bought him lunch today! and shined his shoes.

How's your allergies?
I eat what ever I want and I'm fine. 
I am doing super well here in Peru.  A mission is the hardest thing in the world, and nothing comes easily, except for diarrhea and exhaustion...but I am getting used to it! 

Love you all so much and really hope that you have a good week this week!

Elder Bradshaw

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