Monday, September 29, 2014

We need a wedding to happen!

Hello Fam.

Wow, its kinda crazy how fast the time is passing.  With the way transfers line up and all...I think I will be home in a little bit more than 9 months.  It scares me how fast it all goes by.

Well, this week was a more or less kind of week.  It was great in some parts and just bad in others.  So, I will start out with the good.

LA FAMILIA R. N. ....They have progressed sooooooo much.  I have never ever ever seen anyone like them.  They have a baptismal date in 3 weeks, the 18 of October, and they have almost done all of the requirements, only need one more church attendance,  a couple more lessons, a pair of white clothing, and a of course, a marriage.  We usually teach them officially three times a week, but we see them or speak with them almost daily.  The highlight of this week was definitely teaching them about tithing and fasting.  It was a great lesson, and everything went well for them.  The best part is when we saw them Sunday, they were fasting and had brought their tithing to pay in church.  I have never seen more faith!  Paying tithing and fasting, three days after you learn about it.  Thats amazing to me!

Later that week, we were talking about the Book of Mormon and I asked them if they thought it was true.  They both told me YES!  That answer, faith, obedience, they have got it all!.  In less than two weeks, Madeleine has read to Mosiah 28, and Christian has read up to 1 Nephi 22!  It’s so fun to teach them because they eat it all up AND they understand, AND they have good questions.  They are going to be such good members in the church here, such good leaders and more.  

The only problem is their marriage.  Madeleine is a lawyer from Venezuela, and when she came here a month ago...she brought all of here papers, but they weren’t stamped with the official stamp of the country in the capital.  So they are looking for a place where its a little bit more relaxed to get married.  Here in Peru, about 5% of the laws are enforced, and those 5% of the laws that are enforced are the ones about marriage.  Who cares about the murderers, gangs, and the thieves...that’s just everyday stuff...then when there are people who want to get married to have a strong family...CALL THE POLICE!!!  It’s really frustrating, and it’s driving me crazy.  Why is everything against families?? They are really looking to get married, but its just a matter of time and place.  If anyone is out there reading this...please keep praying for them!

Other than all the great stuff with them, it was a regular week.  We had a multi zone conference with President Rowley this week, so that is always cool.  And other than that, it’s just work...walking, and talking!

Funny things happening in Peru:
In a week, its Election week for the State of Tumbes....So its basically Student Council elections on steroids.  Every five minutes, a car with huge speakers passes by blurting things with music and there are posters everywhere.  There is a law that you can’t have meetings of any type that day, so they canceled General Conference for the we have to wait a whole week longer before I will be able to watch it.

Best moment with companion this week:
He is just the coolest guy-  Right now he is really sick, he got sick because he ate at HAPPY BURGER...jaja  so we have spent quite a bit of time down today.

Most spiritual moment?
I have had my testimony for a long time about the BOM but this week I was able to finish reading it again.  That book has really changed my life and I know for sure that it is 100% true.  This time I read it completely in Spanish and it was such a great experience.  I love it so much and its crazy how much help I have received from it as I have been reading it this last couple of months.

Spiritual truth learned this week?
More about the neccesity of the BOM.  It’s the keystone to everything.  I have realized that If I could just teach in a way that could help people want to read the BOM and pray about it...then they could know that what I teach is true.  SO ESSENTIAL.  SO READ EVERYDAY.  please.

Pday fun?
My comp is sick, so we played a little bit of BBALL, and cooked pancakes and all.

Most grateful for what this week?
BOM and this sweet family we are teaching.....So awesome!  I love them both.

Well I am fine, doing good and going strong, looking for ways to improve.

Love you all and hope that everything goes well!

Elder Bradshaw

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