Monday, October 6, 2014

We have a Wedding Date!!!

Well, family...I really hope that all is going well with you.

This week was a classic missionary up and down kind of week.  Some great things, and some bad things.  The good things were awesome, but the bad things were really bad and really long and really stretched out.  So....Good or bad first....I think I’ll go with the bad.

So this week was Election week.  There were cars driving around 24-7 blasting music and posters, and crazy things all week long.'s been going on for like 1 month now.  I don’t know if it was due to that or something else, but it seemed like no one was ever home or willing to listen to us...This was just one week basically filled with walking and walking.  We really didn’t see any real progress in anyone, besides the family Romero Nava.  I just felt bad this week...just off my game, just straight off.  I don’t know really what it was. I just felt bad and unmotivated for the longest time.  I don’t really know what happened.  I felt really overwhelmed, stressed out, and worthless.  It was a long week of learning and growing.  Sunday, I put down some goals to be more positive, to love more, and to strive harder, and today I am feeling better.  It was just hard to work under circumstances like this for a long time.  Just the kind of days when its hard to kick yourself out of bed.  I know what I need to change, and there is lots to do.  It’s completely awesome having a Utah comp, but sometimes we have to watch ourselves and not let our minds drift into thinking about home or allowing ourselves to complain about some of the crazy things here.  I am doing better and still have so much more to do.  It was just a hard week, but it’s done and we’ve got some awesome things coming up!

So the good things...

The familia Romero Nava is going to get married!!!!!!!!!!!!  Thank you for so many prayers in their behalf...This week, they saw many miracles.  Christian went to look for a place to be approved, and had the idea to check it out in Puyango.  The lady there started looking around on the papers and saw the thing they were missing.  She looked at it for a while.  And in this moment, Christian started praying.  After a few minutes, the lady said “You are missing this paper....but.....I’  ll get you guys married anyways”...It was the last day that they could have done it, and the lady just helped them out so much.  I know that this was a miracle!

They have progressed sooooo much!  Madelaine is finishing Alma and Christian is still reading on too!  They talk of plans to do temple work, and even to go on a mission when their kids are out of the house...I’m telling you...they are awesome!!!  The other day, we passed by their house to just see how they were doing.  They invited us in, gave us food, and told us “We feel so happy when we see you guys”...I really can’t describe my love for this family....Friday (10-10) they are going to get married, and Saturday 18, they are going to get baptized.  So excited for them....Their aunt is also progressing a ton, and we have got a lesson with their friend tonight! They are so awesome.

Elder's Bradshaw and Mulford with their great friends the familia Romero Nava, their aunt and grandfather.

-Photos?  Haven’t seen any for a while!!! We miss seeing you!
K...I sent two...I hope you got them.

Had a great lunch with Elder Mulford (left), Elder Wirthin (center in back, Cottonwood heights), and Elder Maravi (Huancayo Peru).  We are eating Chicarron de pecado (fish and chips, but with octopus, giant squid, fish, and shrimp) Hands down, my favorite plate here in Peru.

Zack's pday with his favorite food.  Elder Mulford (Orem), Elder Worthin (Cottonwood Heights), and Elder Maravi (Huancayo Peru)

-Is it a travel week?
Next week!  Thursday and Friday we travel.

-How’s the work going this week?
Bad. jaja  Lots to do, but it is just really moving  so slow.  We have seen so many miracles in my time here, there is always more to be done.

-Any weddings on your calendar? 
10 de Octubre!

-Tender Mercies this week?
Of course, the marriage!

-Best ever moment of the week? 
Hearing Christian tell us about the miracle of his marriage!  So happy.

Well I am doing all right this week, just hoping for a better week, and I know what I need to do to do that!

Elder Bradshaw

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