Monday, October 13, 2014

Wow, so this week I have 15 months in the mission!  Its flying past...and I am loving every minute.

So, this week was a better week, We worked hard, and saw some success. 

I’ll just start in with the familia Romero Nava....So they didn’t get married this week, but they will be getting married THIS Friday, and then they will get baptized THIS Saturday.  I’M SO EXCITED.  In my area, there hasn’t been a baptism for 11 months, and I, myself, haven’t baptized for 7.  I am so excited.  Last night they passed their interviews and are ready to be baptized...They’ve got attendance, lessons, and everything.  Madelaine is finishing 3 Nephi right now.  I think she will finish before her baptism.  Christian is also just eating up everything that we throw his way.  The only bad part of all of this awesomeness, is this this week we’ve got to go to Piura and won’t be able to be at their wedding!  But its all good.  We’ve got the baptism.  I’m so happy for them. They are going to be a positive asset to the church anywhere they go.

Other than them, this week has just been normal work.  We did have the chance to watch conference, but on that particular day, the Church gave 270 wheelchairs to Tumbes, so me, Elder Mulford, and the other ZL had to go and help them...It was kinda cool to help them all, but it was crazy.  jaja.

Zack and Elder Mulford helping with the 270 wheelchairs donated by the church.

...and because of helping with the wheelchairs...we missed the first two sessions.  Sunday morning, the Romero Nava family came, so I was stressed out about the kids, the members talking really loudly and everything that I had a hard time listening!  But I loved the real direct talk of Elder Scott, Elder Uchtdorf (priesthood session) and Elder Bednar, and President Monson Sunday morming...about following Christ.  This week I really really tried to live more like Jesus Christ... and it was hard.....I tried to be more patient, more gracious, more happy, more devout...and it was a great experience. 

So in the past two weeks, I have seen a police shootout with the gasoline smugglers and heard gunshots in the #waymoreexcitingthanalpine.

This week we go to Piura on Thursday, so that will be fun.  It’s always a fun ROAD TRIP. 

This week I’m short on time and short on cool experiences so my apl....

Tell us about the familia Romero Nava...
They are doing so good.  They are so fun.  They have literally accepted every gospel principle without problem.  They are so wonderful...They recently came from Venezuela because it’s horrible there, and are progressing so much!

Send us more pictures cuz it makes us smile and we love it so much! 
So here’s a picture of a moto taxi with two huge pigs, just going down the road which is just a normal thing I guess.  yes, that is a pig just hanging off the side.

Moto taxi with pigs...everyday stuff.

What other things are happening with your ward or your investigators...
We don’t have any other investigators, but are talking with lots of people, knocking on lots of doors, and working tons with less actives.  We have seen lots of miracles with them, which is great.

What things you are doing with your zone/district/companion...
For Pday we played basketball and it was a blast.  Everything is going well, as mission, now we DO NOT pass a couple in the street without talking with them. Kinda a cool rule.  Transfers are next week...don't really know what will happen there...I guess I'll tell you next week!

Suggestions for Christmas?
caramels, photos, letters, and love.

Traveling this week?

Any news about transfers?  So transfers are this weekend, and its really up in the air right now for me.  I could stay, or I could go.  But i dont know If I want to stay or go.  I like Puyango, but I am kinda burning out a little bit.  I have worked so hard here, and have seen so much success, in so many differenet ways!  Love being with Mulford, and we are a great team, but dont know what will ahppen.

Love you all!  have a great week! 

Elder Bradshaw

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