Monday, October 20, 2014

Life is Good...

Well, I don't think I have ever been happier.

I am just so good with everything which is happening right now.  Nothing really bad happened this week.  Its just been up and up and up!  I just feel so calm and happy, and just so ready dig in and to keep going.

So I guess I will start out with the best part!

Baptism of Christian, Madelaine and David Romero Nava

The baptism of the Romero Nava Family.  Hands Down the best.  This week, on Friday, they got married, but we were in Piura, so we couldn't really participate in that.  The sister missionaries went to the wedding and they said it was awesome.  On Thursday, Madelaine finished the Book of Mormon, and Christian is in Jacob or beyond.    The later, Saturday was their baptism. So awesome.  Other than the temple, I think that was the closest I have ever felt to Heaven.  The Spirit was just so strong!  Lots of the members were all red eyed and all.  I was super stressed out, because many people were super late and it was super slow, and I was frustrated with the baptismal clothing and all.  But little by little, I was calmed and in the moment when I baptized Christian,  the spirit was just so strong. 

I feel happy right now just thinking about it!  We all waited on the stairs as Madelaine and David were baptized and in that moment I was just so happy for their whole family and all that had happened!  Later Sunday, they were confirmed and they are just going to be the best members.  Madelaine is even doing all her family history work...can you believe it! ...and today we are going to put down a goal for them to do baptisms for the dead in a month in Ecuador.  So cool!

 I will just answer the questions that mom sent me.

What was their wedding like?
Heard it was cool!  It would have been nice to have been there...but it happened!

Did you end up getting them something? 
CD of the hymns, and we are going to buy a picture frame and a white shirt for Christian.

Was your ward supportive of that baptism?
We focused on inviting the whole ward to the baptism and we ended up filling up the room and they were really great with welcoming them into the ward.

Are the missionaries in charge of the baptism or is the ward? 
We did it with our Ward Mission leader.

Any details...we would love to hear. 
It was just soooooo wonderful.  I really really really loved it.  That is something I will never ever forget.

So...other than the baptism, we were working with that less active RM.  Well, we ended up being super good friends with him and yesterday he invited us to lunch AND dinner!  jaja  He has progressed a lot and is changing slowly and surely...And it turns out, he’s high school friends with Christian (who just got baptized) so we are planning some hard core retention and reactivation with these guys.

So this week, Thursday, we went to Piura and it was so awesome! Everyone was soooooo scared of Elder Grow, even President, and everyone! jaja But it turned out to be the most spiritual meeting in the whole world.  Seriously, the best meeting I have ever been in. He was just such a super cool guy.  When he shook my hand, he only said,”I remember you”.  (from past visits) and that really scared me bad!  But he didn’t burn me at all, it was just super awesome. (Zack was a little concerned because he thought his zone would be called out for not having any baptisms recently.) I also got to eat lunch with Elder Michael Smith (from Alpine) which was super fun.

Two great missionaries from Alpine, Utah!  Elder Bradshaw and Elder Smith.

This week was super fun, and all went super well.

So transfers.......I’m sticking around in Puyango for another transfer.  But really...I am sooooo excited.  Its going to be super chill.  I’m pumped to be with Elder Mulford again, he’s the bomb. No friends came to the zone this time....really I don’t know one of them!  But it will be great. one with Elder Smith...and an other with the Romero Nava family...they invited us to eat “anticuchos” after the baptism.....BBQ Peru Style....cow hearts, cow stomach, chicken stomach or pancreas or something, chicken, beef and all.  Super cool...I like it all, but not the cow stomach....It’s sooo gross....It's called pancito.  Look it up.

Celebration after the baptism of the Romero Nava family...out for anticuchos!

Funny we were eating smoothies in a restaurant, and this lady just took out her phone and told us to smile and started taking pictures of us, we don’t even know why...I wanted to say...”Have you never seen a white man before?!?!”.....Sometimes at night, we go up top of our house and throw water balloons at the ugly dogs that walk past.  jaja  We’re just two kids having a good time.

Well all is going super well, I am happy and super tranquilo.  All is giong awesome.  hope that all is well with you guys...So right now, Peru’s mail system is on strike so if you are going to send stuff, its probably better to wait, or just its going to take a long time. 

Love you all!

Elder Bradshaw

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