Monday, November 10, 2014

Hey, Slick!

Sorry...there is this crazy gringo that lives in Puyango that we ALWAYS see.  He’s super redneck, and he said that to us the other day and it was funny.  We have been laughing about that for a while.

Well, I have never had a more stressful week than this week.  I’ll just start in with a list…

1)  Interviews with President for the whole Zone.
2) We had to review all of the area books.
3) Two work visits.
4) Planning and buying the tickets to take the WHOLE ZONE to Piura this weekend! I’ll tell you more in a bit.
5) Being a little sick, and going through some medical testing.
6) Ward Activities.
7) Stake conference
8) Sending missionaries to Lima to fix their visa stuff.
9) and the regular Zone leader and missionary duties.

I think we were pretty close to just locking ourselves in the room a couple times this week! Just hoping that things would calm down a bit.

But I am doing good, I feel successful after all of that busy-ness and it was  a good week. 

I’ll just go into a little bit more depth now...It sounds like you are all anxious to hear about my health, so I’ll jump into that... I don’t have parasites which is great. So, I’m healthy and all.  I always feel a little bit ‘off’...but it’s all good.

This is the week that Elder Evans (70) is coming to our mission, so we have the privilege to go with the whole zone to Piura on a bus this Friday, then we come back to Tumbes on Saturday.  I felt pretty cool buying 18 bus tickets.   We basically got a whole bus for the two zones!  It should pretty cool.  The whole mission gets to go so everyone will be there, and then we will also be able to have a special conference with the Zone leaders of the whole mission!  It's going to be awesome!  I’m getting pretty pumped.  Kinda scared to lead 18 people, but it should be good.

This week we had the interviews with President, and I really can’t explain how awesome they were.  I loved it.  Our mission is focusing TONS on families right now...And so my interview was focused on families.  I had a picture of my family in there, and of Jesus Christ, and we just started off and talked TONS about how we can baptize a family every month.  It really was what I needed.  I felt like it really helped me find a way to direct the area and the zone a little better. And now, Elder Mulford and I are soooooo pumped to look and baptize another family.  In President Rowley's talk in Stake Conference, he gave a little shout-out to the family Romero Nava!  Pretty cool.  President is the coolest guy, and I know that he is the perfect President for me to be working with! 

We are working really hard and the work is really going well.  we are pretty excited at this time and I have really grown to love my area.  I love being here in Puyango.  Like dad said, transfers are coming up  1-December, and there’s always a possibility that I’ll get transfered.  Usually a missionary has 4 transfers in an area, or 2 transfers with a comp, before he gets transfered, and I have both….BUT!!!! there are two missionaries in the mission in their 5th transfer in their area.  So it’s always possibility that I’ll be transferred…or not, but who knows??? I will work until I get the call.

I love being here and the people we are working with are awesome.

We found a new family and they are doing great. The wife has attended twice all by herself, but here husband is always sooooo busy!  But that’s how it goes.  They are the family Laban Galvez (and for that reason alone, they have a particular interest in the BOM jaja.)  Ana Cabrera is also getting ready for her baptism, the plan is that Christian Romero Nava (her nephew that we just baptized last month) will baptize her....Should be cool!

I think we beat the world missionary-pizza record....We ate PIZZA 5 times this week.  And I know what you're thinking…but don’t freak out, you don’t know the value of pizza until you have eaten rice and chicken for 16 months straight.  (By the way...a huge THANK YOU shout out to my awesome neighbor, Sister Borden, for buying us a pizza next week!!! Thank you VERY MUCH!)

 I have never been so excited to work and to find and teach, and I know that these next 8months are going to be some of my most prized times ever, but 16 months is a long time, and I am starting to feel the gap between me and my family...I sure do miss you guys!

Well I am doing great, and am really excited for these next few couple of weeks. 

I don’t really have anything to complain about, other than the usual rice rice rice, and unstoppable heat…but complaining won't fix it, so...

Love you all!

Elder Bradshaw

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