Monday, November 3, 2014

A regular Peruvian Week

Well, I don’t have too much to write this week....A couple of cool things, and a couple of not cool things... It really was just a regular week, nothing really too exciting.  Just a regular Peruvian week: 60 bug bites on my legs, ants in my bed, sick stomaches, knocking doors, having a good time, and trying to throw down plates and plates of rice.  Just regular.

This week, I just felt kinda down.  Its always super hard to keep awake during the day, and just hard to get going.  We didn’t see too much success this week, and we were just trying to keep on going.  I think that’s the key. 

Everything was just kinda so so, until Sunday.  Sunday, I got up to usher or 'guard' the door during the sacrament because there weren’t any young men to do it.  When I stood up there, I started counting all of the people that were there at church that I had been working with....and there was 17 people.  Less actives, converts, members, and investigators.  It was one of the moments when I really felt like I am fulfilling my duty.  I’m not saying it’s my success, it’s success for the Lord...but man!  I loved to see these people in the church!  Almost every person which we are working with heavily came to church!  Almost all of them! So awesome...people just were flowing in.

This week, we gave a new tie and white shirt to Christian, and it was so awesome to see him in church...He’s already looking like a bishop!  He has lots of fear of people, but he got up to bear his testimony, and it was just so strong.  He was testifying of the power of the BOM and of the church.  Every week they surprise me more and more.  The gospel has taking full charge of their family and they are just cruising along.  So fun to work with them.  This next week Christian will receive the Aaronic priesthood and then in a couple more weeks...the plan is that he will baptize his aunt!

Saturday in the afternoon, I was just thinking about the week and how crummy I felt.  I really just felt tired, discouraged, and a little bit frustrated.  I was thinking a lot about who I am, what I am doing, and the changes I had seen in my life in this year, and what I want to become.  I realized that I needed to change a few things about my attitude, my way to work, and few more things.  I just made up my mind, and just changed, and have been striving to form my character a little bit more.  Starting that same day, I felt better, and until now, I feel better!  Everything is going great.  I don’t these last few weeks, I have just felt a little “off”.  I don’t know exactly where it was coming from, but I am feeling better now.

Just one little side note, I think I am filled with parasites. 
(Not happy about this bit of information...but fatigue, we have learned after ‘googling’ all day is actually one of the symptoms of parasites.)


So, without the pensionista…what are you guys doing for food in this apartment? 
SO...recently we found a new pensionista!  She is awesome and gives us lots of food.  Once or twice a week, she gives us a plate filled with it's going good.  Usually in the night, we eat something small, or someone invites us to eat.

But...oh man...guess what???  They just opened a DOMINO'S pizza in Tumbes so today, we ate pizza and played bball!  so fun!!  And its 15 soles a pizza (5 bucks)...and 2x1 every Tuesday and we are pretty happy about that bit of news!

What things that you are learning in your mission do you think you would incorporate into your life at home? 
I don’t know, its just an overall change.  I think one of the biggest things I have learned is how real the gospel is.  And how it applies to everything.  When at home, I thought about church, mutual, school, swim, and everything, and always read and prayed...but I didn’t really pay much attention to it or the blessings or the “why”.  Now I know the why, and can see the reason and importance of following all of the commandments.  Also, I feel like my Spanish will help me a ton.  I’ve developed a ‘work-hard’ attitude.  I just feel more aware, and more calm.

What are some of your ‘aha’ moments?
This week I read 2 Nefi 9 and I just really had an “aha moment” of the consequences of sin.  And really...the eternal blessings of the gospel.

Are you remembering to ‘Be Golden’? 
I am trying to!  With everyone I meet! 

How was Halloween there? 
To dress up...we just switched name tags and just said HAPPY HALLOWEEN to everyone.  Here, they don’t do anything with Halloween, just a couple of parties for the kids.  A family that we visit was really mad at the whole world about Halloween, because it’s not a “Peruvian holiday” jaja

And hey...when is Thanksgiving?

Well, I am fine, just going good and strong, looking and talking and teaching, and striving to be the best I can.  I REALLY REALLY LOVE TEACHING.  Seriously I just love doing it so much.  It’s the best.  Especially when the people understand, and act upon the principles we teach them!

Hope that everything is going well at home and that you are not all too trunky!

Elder Bradshaw

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