Monday, January 12, 2015

Goodbye to one Companion...Hello to another!

I’ll just say that I wanted to send more pics this week, but the computer I have today truly is from 1498.  So maybe next week would work better!

Well, we had transfers this week!  It was super hard to see Elder Cortijo go.  He has truly been one of my favorite companions, and is such a humble, great person.  I will miss him so much and it was kinda hard to see him finish. new companion is ELDER SMITH from LA California.  He is one of my best friends from my mission and I am SO EXCITED TO work with him!  He is a great missionary, and really could be the funniest guy ever!  I am super excited to teach with him.  We were in the same district before, so we have worked together before.  (I sent a few photos home a while ago, with a guitar, and with cotton candy.  super cool guy)  We’re still in ‘Little Sahara’ (Miguel Grau Zone) and I am super excited to keep it going here.  Lots of great people were also transferred  into the zone, and it’s going to be the best transfer ever.

So I will just tell you the best parts of the week.

Tuesday...we had the Zone Leader training, so it was fun to be able to talk a little bit with Elder Mulford.  He is still in Puyango, and his new companion is Elder Rodriguez (I trained him!)  It was nice to talk with him for a little, and I got a letter from the Familia Romero Nava which really motivated me!  I learned a bunch of things in the Zone-Leader training which are going to help me alot with my zone.

Thursday we had our Zone Conference.  We planned everything good and we thought everything was fine, but when we got to the church, the keys had disappeared!  The members who had the keys weren’t home and there was nothing we could have done to enter.  We waited and waited outside, but no one could bring us the keys....Don’t worry, it’s not our fault, we made the plans and’s just that they all fell through....But then we had to take the whole zone (26 missionaries) to a different church to have the conference.  It kinda stressed me out...ugh!  But it all finished well...  After that, we went to our pension, and we were going to eat.  And since Elder Cortijo was leaving, and it was another missionaries b-day, they decided to break eggs on their heads, through flour at them, and even a little bit of paint....Peruvian traditions...jaja  it was funny and we had a good time, but I am still trying to take out some stains. 

Saturday...We had a service project which was supposed to go from 7am till 11 or so.  The guy we were helping is injured...and he wanted to raise the roof of his house....Which is made of bamboo and sheet metal.  We started out well, but it just keep going and going and going...the sun was DESTROYING us, and I got fried!  We left at 2 for a lunch break, and then we had to return to help him finish it (because his house was without a roof) we left at 6:30 pm.... It had to seriously be the longest and hardest service project in the history of the tough....and...we are going back to help him finish I hope it goes well... As an added bonus...I am getting to be a great construction worker when it comes to bamboo, sand, bricks, and sheet metal.

Sunday, It was hard to see Elder Cortijo go, but he worked 100% to the very last day.  What a great example for me and for everyone.  Super awesome guy.  I will miss him a lot. 

Well, question time!

Did you receive a package from G&G Bradshaw and one from us? 
I got the two of them!!!!!! thanks sooooo omuch I have the best family.  I also go lots of letters from ward members and friends!  Thank you much.

Did your tests result in anything? 
I am fine.  Sister Rowley gave me the next package...could you send me some multi-vitamins?

Best thing this week? 
Just working and teaching.

Tender Mercies this week? 
My new comp!

Being Golden? 
Trying my best.

I love you all sooooo much!  Talk to you next week.

Elder Bradshaw


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