Monday, January 19, 2015

Tired Tired Tired

Well....I am so tired...tired tired tired...

Things have been awesome with Elder Smith.  We have soooo much fun, and we are working so. dang. hard.  We finish our mission with each other so we both really want to finish our missions strongly.  And that is what we have been doing....Working working and working.  We spoke with lots of people, and found lots of new people too.  It was really strange for me.  Almost all of the doors we knocked...opened.  And almost all of the street contacts we had...received us too.  It’s been super cool. 

We were walking down the road, when all of our appointments fell through.  So we decided to just start talking with people.  We knocked one door, and met a lady who didn’t want anything.  Then the second door, a 29 year old guy, Paul, opened up and let us come in.  We sat down and started teaching the Restoration.  It was a super great lesson, and when we got to the end, we decided to invite him to be baptized....We asked him and he said...”yep, sounds good, when is it?  Because the afternoon is better than the morning.  Will you two be there?”  Wow!  what a great experience.  He told us that he wants to find God because he wants to fix up  his life.  SUPER COOL DUDE!  We can help you with that!  Hes got a baptismal date for the 21 of February.  Excited to work with him.  We also found two new families, and a couple more wonderful people.

Don’t know what it was, but everything was going our way...which doesn't always happen. 

Elder Smith is super funny, but also super spiritual.  He has taught me so much, and the only problem we have is that we both want to do so much to help that is why we are so stinking tired. But he really is an awesome guy.  I feel more accepted in this area now, and am really excited to keep going.

What’s the biggest thing you are working on for this area? 
I want to baptize families.  So to do that, we are contacting, searching, and looking for a great family.

What’s the greatest challenge in this area? 
Wind, dust, heat, sand, and sun...and wind.  and sand. and sun.

What do you love about this area? 
I love the helpful ward. I love the humble families, I love the awesome little kids that say ‘hi’ to you as you pass, I LOVE the American food.  I love the quiteness.  And I really really love the wonderful, funny, humble, loving people that are here.

Loving KFC with his district plus a few more!
Anything interesting coming up? 
Yes.  More WORK!

Did you complete the ‘roof-raising’ project last week? How did that go? 
We finished it.  That was a hard time.   All the roofs are made out of sheet metal, and bamboo sticks.  So it was interesting to learn how to work with things like that.  I liked it though.

Are you healthy? 
I think so...this week a little less, because with Elder Smith...we had quite a bit of AMERICAN FOOD.  KFC, Papa John’s, hamburgers, and all..  But we are doing exercises, eating fruit and veggies, and doing better.  This week will be more relaxed with the food.

Crazy Peruvian stuff?? 
jaja we entered this house with a family of oldies, and started teaching them.  They were so nice and humble and really wanted to listen and learn.  But after I talk about Joseph Smith’s Vision, and I start bearing my testimony, the old guy yells out “¿and who baptized Jesus?”  just out of the no where...jaja I just kinda lost it!  soooooo funny.
This other crazy guy in the street started talking to us like “¿Por que TENÉIS muchas iglesias, y porque ESTÁIS en ésta?”  (its basically like saying “Why art thee in that church” just super weird. jaja you probably have no clue why that’s funny for me...but it was! jaja

Best part of your week?
Finding so many wonderful people to teach.

Best food of the week?
Probably the “all meats” pizza that a member bought us from Papa Johns.

Tender mercies? 
Inviting Paul to be baptized and to just see a nice improvements in our area.

I’m super excited.We found a guy who lived in the States, and knows English really well, but he wants to practice it with us....So today we are going to teach the Restoration in English....I’ve actually never ever done that!  Then we have an awesome FHE planned for tonight with new investigators.

Well, I am excited...working hard and super happy.  I kinda realized....Wow.  Wow, I have 18 months I’ll be home really weird.  Kinda hit me this week.

I hope you are all still reading together and I would love to hear about your family scripture study too!

Elder Bradshaw

The photo is when we went to KFC as a district and a few elders more.


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