Monday, March 16, 2015

Good Week...Good P-day


I'm doing great this week.  It wasn't too awesome, but it was just solid...and I had a great pday.

Today for P-day, we went to the park and just sat there with another companionship and just talked for an hour or so, then we went and bought our food and made tacos with the sister missionaries in our ward, a member, and another companionship of Elders....They were soooooo good.  Thanks for sending me the ingredients and tortillas...we loved them!  LOVED them!

Zack's friends for Pday...making tacos.

Some sweet tacos.

Oh...and I got these sweet leather covers for my scriptures today.  I ordered the last week and picked them up today and I love them so much.

This week was a one of the slow ones.  My companion was really sick for a couple days, so there was some down time which kinda stunk.  It has been SUPER hot here for the longest time, and there is not any rest from the heat. So, if your inside, or always feels like you are slowly cooking which is the worst.  It's crazy how much I have adjusted so much to the heat.

My love for Peru, the people here, and the gospel have grown so much and they continue to grow.  I love these all these people so much and have really enjoyed my experience here in Piura, Peru, la ciudad de eterno calor.  (The City of Eternal Heat.)

This week was slower for me...but not in the progress of Jorge Mio and Edson.  I am pretty sure that the two of them will be baptized.  The two have attended to church three or more times and they both have made some amazing changes in their life.  Edson will be baptized  28 de March and Jorge Mio el 11 de April.  They will both be great members.  Love them!

We have had to drop some people in our area because they haven't made the decision to progress which has been hard, but it's all good...their time will come around, when they are ready.


How about the family you met outside their house last week? 

Well, they live in the area of the Sister we had to pass over the referral, but they are listening to the sisters! Still a little hard-hearted but are willing to listen...which I love.

Anything coming up for your mission?  
We have the a multi-zone conference this week which is good.  They are always fun.  Then, this is awesome...on March 30, for Pday, we get to watch MEET THE MORMONS!!!! whoooooooooooo.

What was the best part of your week?  
I don't know....There were lots of good things.  Basically just being with the people and learning from them.  I love teaching and the lessons are probably the things which I love the most each week.

Did you read that article I sent you last week? 
I loved it!

Anything else you want to tell us?  
I got my trunky letter this week!  With when, where, and how I go home....pretty crazy!  Is all of our ward and stake stuff the same as when I left? 

I'm doing well, I'm happy with the people we are teaching.  I love the members in our ward.  There are some incredible people.  I love and respect them a ton.  I love working with them.  My companion and I are great friends and always will be...we are working great together.  I am excited to keep on working and to keep on going...which is exactly what I'm going to do this week.

Love you all!

Elder Bradshaw

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