Monday, March 10, 2014

Another week gone by...

Wow quite the week. 

Lots of Companion “discussions” and lots of silence. 

Really I’m a little bit discouraged and not really knowing what to do.  I have had some pretty tough discouraging experiences on my mission.  Don’t know what to do.  Sorry, this email is kinda a downer.  Today we are doing better, but I really don’t know.

This week was good.  The highlight for sure was the interview with President Rowley.  I love him!  He is soooooo awesome.  We had a really great time.  He told me somethings that I really needed to hear, boosted my attitude and all.  Way cool guy.  Just love being around him and his wife  (who had read my story!). 

The rest of this week was just work, and yeah. 

We had a great pday activity today.  We were going to go to the stake center to play some futbol, but we didn't have keys.  So, we went to a little concrete block, and there we played a little soccer with like have my zone.  Then after we went and we each bought ourselves two huge fresh fruit slurpees and just chilled there.  I have some really great friends in the mission that are just so awesome. was just fun to be there for a little with them.

Spiritual time:
My interview with Presidente Rowley was just wonderful.  I loved every moment.

Funny time:
PDAY activity was awesome

Interesting food time:
Nothing too bad this week.  Just lots and lots of rice

Health check:
I’m getting out of a stomach bug that I have had for a week or two..  I have just been off and on sick.

Journal check: 
Almost every night!  I have really improved.

Pday fun:
Futbol in a park and Cremoladas!

Photos?  (please say yes!)
With my Pensionista, and Ward Mission leader, and my companion for my ward mission leaders birthday.  I love them they are sooooooo awesome.

Zack with Pensionista and her son...the ward mission leader...great friends.

Got mail from TAYLOR!!!  Erin Rhodes, Terry Richards, Sister Lund, and Connor Christensen's mom, and Jerry Young...thank you SO MUCH!!!! It really makes things better when we get mail!

Scary stuff?
not really. 

Keeping your room clean? 
Yes!  its hard but I am trying

Yesterday, I was looking through my ipod and found a bunch of pictures on it of family and friends.   So yeah, that’s been a little interesting.

I am so sorry.  Its really been a tough week, and I don’t want you to be sad or to be discouraged. 

Thanks for everything.  Love you all so much.

Elder Bradshaw

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