Sunday, March 23, 2014

Eight months!!

Well, I've got eight months here in Peru!  8 months without comfort food, without swimming, without really understanding 100% what is going on...but its been such a great time.  I love Peru, and I love being here.
This was a good week.  I am super tired, and soooo exhausted, but am content with what has happened. This week, we baptized Ruth Helen!  The wife from the RM who we reactivated.  It was a great sight to see him standing in the water with his white tie, and helping his wife enter the font.  It felt good to help complete a family, and helping open the doors to an eternal family.  I really enjoyed that! 

Now for the funny part.  We are standing there, at her baptism, singing NEARER MY GOD TO THEE, when a full on earthquake starts up!  Everyone was freaking out, and the water in the font was all sloshing around.  And...for some reason, it was soooooooo funny!  In some parts, a couple of buildings had a little bit of damage, and the ground split in other parts of the mission, but no one was hurt or died.  Just a good experience.  

Shoot, I forgot my camera cord to send pictures!

I really don't know what more to write. 

Oh, also today, we were playing some sports for PDAY with the zone and my comp got hit in the head.  Long story short,  I walked through the sketchiest Peruvian hospital, and in the end...he ended getting 3 stitches!  A little bit crazy!

I'm sorry I am out of time!

Elder Bradshaw

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