Monday, March 31, 2014


Wow!  Almost April!  ...and...... Feliz Cumpleaños a mí Mamá!  ( usually comes the clapping and screaming and off-toned Happy birthday song in Spanish.)  I hope you have a really wonderful birthday mom!  I am so grateful for everything you have ever done for me!  I am who I am, because of my awesome mother!

So this week was better!  I am getting along pretty good with my companion which is good.  We are actually really good friends, just when it comes to a few small things we struggle.  But we are finding unity in teaching, and finding lessons filled with the Spirit, we’re just not really finding new people to teach. 

We really are empty handed with investigators.  We have three that are really great people, they just have certain problems that just don’t allow them to progress.  Which is the worst. 

But...this week, we were walking down the road after a service project (we are still building this house) and a man who works cleaning the streets stopped us...

“HEY...are you the Mormons?  I feel so empty and really want you to visit me!.....”

It was a really cool experience.  Just that morning I had asked the Lord to guide us to find someone...but it looks like the Lord guided him to find us!  That same day, we went to visit him, and it was a really good lesson filled with the Spirit.  I really think he will be a great investigator, and I am really excited to work with him...Hermano Santos is his name.

Other than that, nothing more really good happened.  We are really working hard with some less actives, and we really saw miracles this week  in their progress.  A less active with 4 years not going to the church came yesterday!  I love love love working with the less actives!

Well its been a good week, just looking for strength for 5 more.  Dad, I did realize that I am stressing out a TON this transfer.  So I am fixing that.

I love you all so much!  I am good and happy and motivated and ready to work!  Thanks for everything!


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