Sunday, March 30, 2014

Not the time for a transfer

          So....Transfers have come and gone...and we don´t have a transfer.
So we have got 6 more weeks here together.  I am really content, not too excited, or too happy, but I am really content and ready to see what we can do in this transfer.  

This week, we really got closer as friends, companions, and people.  We had a little bit of a long week, but to finish our weekly planning, we finish with a companionship inventory.  It started off bad, but I don't really know what happened, but we finished just giving really nice complements and saying really nice things about each other.  It really was kinda weird, but good.  We fixed our problems and are ready to work.  So with this change in attitude in between us, I am excited to see what the next 6 weeks bring.  I would of liked a transfer, but President responded to my letter, and let me know that he really thinks that this is best for us.  I know it is, and I am ready to see what it brings.  

I am just a little bit apprehensive, because I feel like when I try to be obedient, that is when we have the most problems, but if I sacrifice some small parts, like perhaps a planning session a little bit faster and less efficient, or perhaps leave the apartment 30 minutes later...that's when we get are able to get along better.  Its a weird balance, and I am going to do my best to try to help him understand the importance of the 'small and simple things'.  Right now, I don't feel really obedient because of lots of the things that have happened, but this week I really am going to do everything possible to whip it back into shape. But we're doing good, and we will see how it goes.  With all of my companions, I have 2 transfers, and for me, it is always hard to have a companion for two I know that there will be days and weeks that just stink...but in the end, it will all be good, and, as always...the time will pass.

But, this week was a really hard one for me.  I had the worst case of raging diarrhea that has ever been seen in Peru.  I was running to the bathroom like 20 times a day.  I didn't eat anything, but my body was getting rid of everything including the water that I drank.  SO, that was interesting, but the worst part only lasted from Tuesday to Thursday, but then...I got sick again.  I am fine now, so don't worry about me. It was just a couple of sleepless nights, and a little bit of pain.

The worst part of it is that it threw off my game.  I had to stay in one morning and that made me feel horrible.  When I am not obedient, I feel really bad.  Also with transfers and everything, I was just really stressed out. 

Also...we are struggling because we don't really have any good investigators right now, and everything is just going really really slow. With the stress, tiredness, feeling of slight failure, and the sickness, I got really discouraged for a couple of days. I just felt so alone, really weak, and really incompetent.  Just a really hard and discouraging time.'s all good, I am better now, and ready to work.   Trying to shrug off a bad week, and break out new for this week.  Thats my goal. 

This week there really wasn't really any good stories or anything, so sorry!

1.  How are things with the companion.  Tell me three things you are learning from him.  

I have learned tons from him.  Lots about the converting power of the gospel and the atonement.  I have learned the importance of prayer and the importance of having lots of trust with investigators.

2.  What spiritual experiences would you like to share with us?

When I just felt so alone and was struggling, I just prayed for understanding in my personal study, and the Lord granted it.  I just felt so close and so loved, and felt so illuminated.  It was a great experience.  

3.  food/stomach situation? 

Really quite horrible this week, but better now.

4.  What do you love most about your mission?

Love the People, the opportunity I have to feel so close to the Lord everyday, and the blessings I have received.

5.  pday?

Soccer!  I really love soccer!

6.  Anything funny this week?

We are teaching a members parents, and they are taking care of their chubby, snotty grand daughter. And every time we go, she just gets super mad and rolls around on the floor, throws her food across the room, and what ever else...swearing and whatever.  We try to talk to her, she is just always angry.

7.  Investigators?

No one.  Only people that love our visits, but don't do anything.  NOTHING.

8.  Mail?
From sister Timms, Gma and Gpa Bshaw, Sister Terry Richards, Gma Palmer. and a package for Valentines day! Thank you everyone.

9.  Best part of your week?

After that comp inventory.  Just a good feeling

10.  Photos?  

A crazy man who prints pictures uploaded a virus on my card, so I can't load, or send or take more pics! I have another card, but I am just sooooooooooo mad. Don't know what to do.  I have another card, so I am going to use that, but I think I might send my card with my pics to you so you might be able to take it to a place to fix it.  SO MAD

Thanks so much for everything family.  I am good, healthy, and happy,  and really ready to work.  Thanks for all of the support and love.  I feel it daily and am so grateful for it. Keep doing good things, and keep on trucking.  The Lord is always on your side.

Elder Bradshaw

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