Monday, May 19, 2014

Birthday Week in Peru

So this week went super well! 

We are working so hard and starting to see some results!  The numbers don’t mean anything, but it was fun to see a little bit of a boost.  We have put down some goals and are trying to work tons with the members.  We are finding new people to teach, feeling the spirit more, and having more fun!  I have realized that how happy I am, how much I like Peru, the food, Spanish, and everything is directly related to how hard I am working.  So I am pretty pumped right now!  Really tired, but so happy.

It was also a good birthday. 

Quite regular, but real great. 

We woke up in the morning, and I cooked some regular pancakes, then we had a 3 hour planning session for the week, which kinda stunk.  But when we went to eat, my Pensionista bought tons of ice cream and made tacos!  SO...of course, I was pretty happy! 

We then left to work, and everything just went so well!  Doors just opened, people were there, and everyone was just happy!  We taught so much and talked to so many people, so we were just pumped.  Then after a lesson, an investigator gave us some good food.  Then, that night, the branch threw me a little party in the chapel.  I really enjoyed that.  The whole branch went around and each said a little nice thing about me.  Kinda like we do at home, just it was kinda awkward for me.  But I got a cake.  And, we had a good time!  The Lord answered my prayers and gave me a great day for birthday.   A different one, but a good one!

At my B-day party, a recent convert attended and this guy is so awesome.  He has got to be like 70 years old and is a maybe little weird.  He always talks and does weird things.  So when we were passing around saying advice and things for me...he ran out in front of everyone and starting screaming ‘happy birthday’ in English and Spanish, waving his arms and almost dancing.  I was dying and the whole branch was dying.  Then, for some reason, he started ‘Donkey Kong’ smashing the floor and that’s when I lost it.  I had tears in my eyes and everyday that I think of it, I just die laughing!  Can’t get it out of my head! Jaja!

Companion Stuff:
With my companion, Elder Nosa, we get along really well and I am super happy to be with him.  He wants to work and wants to do whats right which I love.  He knows tons so sometimes I forget that I am training. 

Spiritual Stuff:
Just everything went so well this week.  I really feeling like I am developing to be a powerful missionary (even though there is so much more to do).  And I really feel the Spirit in everything I do.  The mission right now is focusing on changing from “Walking to running” and I really feel like I am starting to run, and run effectively.  Now, we walk around always with a Book of Mormon in Hand, during Pday, lunch, the taxis, and everything.  SO awesome!  I really feel like I am doing my part and feel real content.

Health stuff:
Ate lots of cake and ice cream, but we are eating better. and exercising.
Pday stuff:
Today, with another companionship, we went and just kinda explored the cool bridge leaving from Sullana, bought coconuts to drink, and just took a bunch of cool pictures.  I loved it!
Great story stuff:
Just lots of little miracles everyday.  Little small things everywhere...that really are miracles.
Fun mission stuff:
this week, a member of the seventy is coming, and tomorrow I go to Piura for a training.
Lessons learning:

I will write more next week! 

Out of time but love you all!

Elder Bradshaw

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