Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Loved The Phone Call!!!!

Wow!  Yesterday was one of my favorite days of my mission!! To call you guys was sooooooo fun.  I loved it.  My companion 'skyped' his family too and also had a great time...and so we just left soooo excited and happy.  I loved it, It was a really good opportunity,  I loved to hear from you all and to even have a little opportunity to hear a little bit from Taylor!  So cool!  I didn’t even crash after, like I did at Christmas...so that is even better!!!

So, this week was packed with crazy things.  I had the opportunity to go to Piura Tuesday for a capacitacion (translation: TRAINING...but sounds like 'cutting off heads'), but only for a morning.  Then I returned, again Wednesday to pick up my companion and do another training.  The only problem was that my companion didn’t arrive with the others, so I was flying SOLO for a half day.  That afternoon, I got to stick around with some of the Zone Leaders in Piura for a day, who are real great friends and all, so that was awesome.  Then that night, I got to go with President Rowley and the Zone leaders to pick up my companion at the airport.  That was pretty cool!  And...it was the most 1st world thing that I have seen for a really really long time.  I actually felt really strange.  I guess I have adjusted to being here, and it is really kinda weird to see an Audi...or a piece of Pizza...or a donut... or stuff like that.  But its all good.  Then that night, I got to sleep in the office and got to chill with some friends from the mission.  The following morning, we had Breakfast with President and his wife, and the assistants to the President.  That was super fun.   One of the assistants is from Highland and is the brother to one of my friends from home.  Then after that, we booked it to Sullana and...started to work. 

Zack at the airport with President Rowley picking up his new companion Elder Nosa.

Zack with Elder Nosa.  Zack looks like a cardboard cutout...but it's the real thing.
We have been working soooooooo hard this week.  And I love it.  Elder Nosa is a great guy and I am really glad to be working with him.  He is from Colombia, 18 years old, only member in his family (but they are supportive and real awesome) and is ready to work.  We have tons of plans for the Branch and its going to be awesome.  This week we put down two baptismal dates with new investigators, so I am excited to see what comes.   We are eating better, exercising better, an getting along great.  Its going to be a good two transfers. 

With some of my responsibilities...I am super overwhelmed and a little bit uncomfortable, but its awesome.  We have got an awesome district, and its going to be super fun to work with them.  In the district, there is one gringo from California...Elder Smith. one Chilean, two Peruvians, and one Columbian, and me.

This week, I ran into Omar and Maria Elena and their kids here in Querecotillo.  It was awesome to see them and to chat a little bit.  

I am doing well, working so hard, enjoying it so much, and sleeping so well at night.  I am happy to be where I am with my companion, and to be doing what I am doing.  I am healthy...and all is well.

I hope you all enjoy your Preach my Gospel Study (that you all committed to do...) and your start in the Family History! 

I loved seeing all of the birthday wishes in my inbox.  Thanks so much to everyone!!1  It really made my day to read all of them!  Thank you thank you thank you.

Love you all so much and miss you like crazy, but it's going so well and I am so happy.

Elder Bradshaw

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