Monday, May 5, 2014

Sketchy Stuff in Querecotillo

Hello family!  Hows it going!

So, I guess I'll just right off the bat and start with transfers....

So I am still in Querecotillo.  Elder Melo got transfered, and I am going to TRAIN again and be district leader.  I am actually really excited and really scared, but am so ready to get going!  Tomorrow, I get to go to Piura for a training, then Wednesday I get to go to Piura again to pick up my companion.  So my chance to eat Pizza or some other good food just went up like 150 percent.  (there is only good food in Piura).  Right now, I am sticking around with a member until Wednesday, so everything is going pretty well.  So, next week I will let you know more about my companion.  I am really looking forward to this. 

Zack's last day with Elder Melo...good friends.

Other than transfers, this week really was horrible.  I was sick with a sinus infection (or something like that),  killer migraines, and a sick stomach.  I do agree with dad that I am not completely eating too well, but these problems come from the fact that we don't have clean water to drink, that its 105 degrees everywhere (in the houses, streets, church, and room),  that I am lugging around tons of books and everything.  I am going to try to eat better, and make arrangements to help me with the other things, but its just been super bad.  The heat, endless rice, search for water, and everything is just kinda getting to me.  Its just a little discouraging.  My companion was also really sick this week, so it was really really slow.  Hoping this week goes a little better for everyone!

Nothing else really great happened this week.  I also had a work visit (its like a interchange of companions for a day) with my good friend Elder Cruz, and in the morning we took off and ran a little in the really really really rare rain.  There are some hills in his area, so it was super cool to see all of the city and stuff from above.

Zack 'running hills' in the really really really rare rain! (he doesn't look very wet for running in the rain)

How did things end with Elder Melo? 
Really really well.  He is my companion that I have loved the most.  We struggled to work together in some ways, but I really enjoyed him.  He is a great example for me for having passed through all he has.  Really really neat guy. 
Funny story this week? 
There are three doors that we need to pass through to leave our apartment, and we live in like a clinic of some sort.  To pass through the first two, you don't need a key, but the third door, you do need a key to leave.  But, we accidentally left the keys in the apartment, and were awkwardly stuck in this clinic for a while.  We couldn't get into the room or into the street.  So Elder Melo did this super sketchy escape from a tiny window then made a sketchy ladder our of a garden hose to break into our apartment from the third story.  REALLY SKETCHY....and not going to lie...I was praying like crazy in that moment.

Anyone getting married?  Why couldn’t they get married last week? 
They don't have money.  We are basically at level 0 with investigators right now.  Pretty bad, but we can only go up!

I think I’ll get some tomorrow when I go to Piura. (We sent a birthday package...we are hoping hoping hoping and crossing all of our fingers that it’s there for him!!!)

Do you hear from your friends that are on missions? 
I email tons of friends.  We have like a group email chat thing where we all send pictures and all.  Pretty cool!

Do they celebrate Cinco de Mayo in Peru?
Only in my heart.

Are there holidays there that we don’t celebrate here? 
Holidays here are just special days that everyone can drink....It’s really ridiculous.

What is Mother’s Day like there? 
Just another day to drink.

Sorry, this email really isn’t that great.  I am just really tired, and tired of being sick.  I am feeling better and am going to try to have better health.  Thanks for everything and I will be SKYPING at 3:30 my time this Sunday, if I can.  I have found a computer...but its still up in the air.

Thanks for everything and I love you all soooooooo  much! 


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