Monday, June 16, 2014

Crazy week here...


Tomorrow I will have 11 months in the mission.  Time is flying and things are going good.  I loved to hear that you are having a great summer thus far and that Father’s Day was awesome for you.  Father’s Day here is basically just another excuse to drink drink and drink...then have a crazy Peruvian techno rave in front of our apartment till 2 in the morning. But its all good. This week was a great week, with tons of things happening...really, it’s been a crazy week, so I guess I will just get started...

Tuesday, I had a work visit with an awesome friend.  Elder Smith from California came to Querecotillo and we had the opportunity to work for a day together.  He is just an awesome guy and super chill.  Knowing before hand that he was coming, I borrowed a guitar from a member, which made the work visit just that much better.  SO FUN!  I was super tired after, but we worked hard, had a good time, and its always fun to just get out a little bit of English. 

Work Day + Elder Smith + guitar = SO FUN!

The rest of the week was just basically work work and work.  We had been looking and looking for lots of new people and this week we had TONS of luck!  We found families, and some really good ones too.  We had probably my most successful week in Querecotillo.  We got along great, worked hard, and saw some fruits from all the work.  Saturday especially we had an awesome day.  We put down 4 baptismal dates with new families which are just awesome people.  I was really pumped.  Saturday, in the night, we went out for some chicken to celebrate a good transfer. 

Waiting for the chicken dinner!
 When we returned to the room, we really weren’t even thinking about transfers.  I was in middle of his training and things were really going really well,  plus with how my interview went and everything, I really didn't think I would have a transfer.  But...then the phone rang.... and they told me that I did have a transfer.  I actually got really mad and actually didn’t believe it.  I really really was kind of ticked off and felt like I had been thrown under the bus.  But, I've repented and it's all good now.  I just prepared my bags and everything.  One of the problems was that we didn’t know our comps, areas, or asignaciones (assignments) until Monday, so I was just waiting in limbo. jaja  Sunday, we had a good day, with just lots of farewells.  I was really sad to go, and I already miss the area and the people.  The branch threw me a little party and everything was fun.

Zack's farewell party with the branch in Querecotillo. 

Then this morning, I woke up at 4:30am, only getting like 4 hours of sleep, and we left.  I went to Piura for a meeting and there President told us our changes...

So I got sent to Puyango...

It's like 5 hours away from Piura and it is literally touching Ecuador! 

My companion is Elder Castro from Chile who really seems to be a cool guy.  He has almost 19 months, and I am excited to work with him. 

Also, I am a Zone Leader now....don't know why, don’t know how, but do know that I really have lots of things to learn and do.  I don’t feel prepared and don’t know what really is going to happen.  I am excited but really really scared. Let’s hope it all goes well.

And yes....I know that the World Cup is going on...because it’s on TV everywhere and everyone is always talking about it.  It’s pretty fun though.  I was with some other gringos today and we were pretty pumped because the US was winning against Ghana.  It’s on everywhere!!!  It’s kinda funny, because you go to one house, see the score, then the next house, its a little bit different, and after three or four visits, you’ve got the whole game.  jaja..

I am excited for my transfer, and excited to see what is coming ahead.  I really am sooooooooo tired.  I can hardly even focus. 

Zack and his district in Querecotillo

Do they have Father’s Day in Peru?
They do have it here, but I think its more like “day for people to become fathers day”

World Cup stuff? What is the feeling like there?  Do you have mission rules about it?  
Its just excitement in the air and it’s kinda fun.  Feels a little like March Madness.  We can’t watch it, but its everywhere, so we know whats happening.

How have you seen the hand of the Lord in your work this week? 
The Lord has really guided us to find some great families this week.  I won’t see their progress, but I did my part and planted the seeds.

What are you excited about in your mission this week?
New area, new companion,  new assignment.  It should be pretty interesting.  We also have multi zone conferences soon. 

Getting good food?
Yeah. We don’t have a Pensionista here, so we have to cook, or go to a I think we will be eating out a lot.

Are you past the home sickness? 
I miss you all a ton, but I really don’t feel sick about it at all.

Fun stuff for Pday today?
5 hours in bus. and nothing more.

Well I really hope that everything is going well there. 
Love you all a ton, and I cant really believe that Taylor will be home so soon.  The day is 8 de July right...

Love you all so much!  And also,  I want to hear how your study of Preach my Gospel is going.

Elder Bradshaw

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