Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Ghetto Computer Day

Hola Familia!

Lo siento....I am on a super ghetto computer and the letters are moving and swaying...and so are my eyes...and my mind...So, this letter might be a hard letter to read.  

So, we had a good week!  It was a hard one, but a good one.  We have had so many opportunities to travel these past couple weeks.  In two weeks...I traveled to Piura 4 times, Lima one time, and Talara one time.  And traveling here gets you real tired, so this week has been wicked exhausting.  It was also hard to come back from Lima to pure Spanish after two days with English, pizza, and ice cream.  But now I am fine...still just way tired.   Also, Thursday we had another training for Elder Nosa and the other new missionaries.  Because I am training and district leader, I have had a million things to do.  It's been a pretty stressful couple of weeks, but I am fine, and just enjoying it.  

We are working real hard and its all been going well.  Elder Grow talked tons about setting inspired goals through prayer and the Holy Ghost, so we did what he told, and we both felt like there are 7 people that can be baptized in June and July in Querecotillo...Now we just have to find them (which is the hard part).  I really feel like I am working the hardest I have in my mission, but really seeing little fruits.  It's kinda discouraging, but its all good. Just more to do.  

I am sorry, I really don't know what to write. 

Things are going really well with Elder Nosa.  He wants to work hard, and we are, so thats good.  He is a companion that helps me reach my potential, and lets me help him to reach his.  So we get along really well and are doing great. He still has some of the greenie traits, and keeps trying to "one-up" my Utah mountains with his Colombian hills!  ...But that's all in fun.  We are great friends.  

Today, we went with our Zone Leaders, and another companionship to check out a big reservoir, just north of our area.  But too bad my computer is so ghetto, or you would be getting tons of way cool photos. But I guess that will be for next week. The missionaries we went with are some great friends from the mish, and it was a great time.  (Elder Lauder, Saratoga springs....Elder Cook, Farmington UT.)  

I am so sorry that it really has been a pretty boring letter.  I just feel a little jumbled up.  It might be the dancing letters in front of my eyes, or how tired I am...but its all good!

I loved the package so much, it's been a great blessing....tell grandma I wore the yellow shirt today.  Thanks so much for everyone that worked to put it all together.  Love you all!

Sounds like you have got a great couple weeks planned....Lexi is going to Birdseye?  so fun!  I swam in that mud pond in the early spring with Jake butters, and we shot of tons of ghetto rockets there....So that was a good time.  Lake Powell!  WOW!  Jealous.  Sometimes I dream of ripping up the river in Querecotillo with a jet ski, but I guess that just has to wait a little.  Super jealous.  

For the next few weeks, I imagine the mission life will be a little more relaxed.  We have interviews with Pres Rowley this week which I always love.  I am closing in on my half way mark and am really kinda weirded out with that.  Its going by so fast!

Love you all so much family!  Hope you have a great week.... Be safe in Lake Powell, and mom, you HAVE to get in!



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