Thursday, June 26, 2014

Quite the week!

Nothing really awesome happened, but it was just solid. 

Changing areas is quite the deal and it really is pretty tough.  I went going from a super poor area based on the exportation of bananas and Catholisism, where I knew what to do and had to do almost everything and make all of the an area with 4 or 5 story buildings, almost no one in the streets, where I don’t know anything that I need to do.  jaja So it’s quite the change.  I like where I am, and I am excited to work here.  There is lot to be done and so we’ve just got to get started. 

So I am in Tumbes...

Tumbes is a state, and also a city.  My Zone is called like a separate part of Tumbes...Think Provo and Orem.  My area is called Andres Araujo.  Tumbes is way cool because we are sooooo close to Ecuador.  It’s also a big city here, but on the outskirts, its all rice fields and stuff, so its pretty.  Almost the whole mission is just killer heat with the strongest sun ever...but here, its the strongest sun ever---with humidity, so its different, and I’m dying!  Our room is big and really cool and was really dirty when I came, so there is lots to do there. 

In my Zone, there are only two districts, so its really really small.  But I like that because I will get to know my zone really well.  Of the 14 missionaries, 6 are from the states, so that’s kinda fun.

Zack and his district at the beach:  His companion, the Chilean version of Ben, is next to Zack in the red jersey.

My companion is Elder Castro.  He is a really cool guy and we get along real well.  He has 19 months in the mission.  He is from Consepcion Chile and is EXACTLY like Ben Adamson...just without the guitar.  In the way he acts and talks and looks...he is just exactly like Ben. jaja  So, obviously, we are good friends.  Love it! He is the first companion that I have had since my trainer that has more time in the mission than me, so its super cool because I am learning lots of things, instead of trying to figure them out on my own. 

As for Zone Leader...I don’t really even know why I’m that guy...I don’t feel prepared or qualified at all.  I only have like 11 months and I have so much to learn and do. 

Yesterday, I had my first Mission Leader Conference in Piura with all of the other Zone Leaders and the President which was super stressful, but super cool.  When we go to Piura, we go on a wicked nice bus...It was like an airplane...With food, bus beds, AC, it was so nice. but when we come back, we can’t take that same bus, we were on a horrible bus,  and I felt like a piece of junk in an right now, I just feel a little wasted, and plus just feeling like there are lots of things to do.

I had the opportunity to do splits with one of the AP’s and it was a good time.  I learned so much yesterday and there is so much more to do.  And tomorrow, I have to teach my zone, everything that President taught to us...Soooooo, there is lot going on for me right now.

My area is pretty dead.  There is plenty to do here but I am pumped to do it.  I really am pretty excited to work, just super tired today.  I FINALLY attend church in a real chapel.  After almost one year in really dirty small house chapels, I attended in a WARD BUILDING....WOOOOOOOW.  Its a really small ward but with lots of great people.  It’s a two story ward building which is cool.

PDAY: went to the beach which was super chill.  Some one has a football (a real one) and I have the frisbee so we had a good time.

Sharing a message on the beach

Mom, don’t worry about the pensionista thing.  We have someone to do the laundry and there area a ton a great restaurants all around that are good.  So,  I will just be eating out a little bit more.

How have I seen the Lords hand in my life this week?
I have really seen his hand through my prayers.  I am a little bit worried about all this new stuff, but every time I pray, I really know He is listening.  I feel his comfort and I feel his Arms around me.  I just feel really close to Him at this time.  I also feel comfort through the pages of the Book of Mormon.  Those two things are the key...and if your not doing them, you have got 13 months to start doing them before I get home and open up a can of Whoop-you-in-the-face!

I had a cool insight this week....We don’t have to make up our way to success, someone has already done it, and all we have to do is just follow His teachings.

I can’t believe that Taylor is home in two weeks!  Has he told you what things he wants to do?  I dont think about this often...but really, the things I want to do are sleep in, go to the temple, eat NOT RICE, and just not have a schedule to follow.  With a few hours in a pool and the mountains with tons of music.  Seriously, when he gets home, or when I do, if there is a grain of rice in the house...who knows what will happen!

So, like I’ve already said a 1,000 times...I am good, just a little bit tired, Excited to work and excited to hear a little bit from you guys.  Keep on going, know matter how hard it is!

Elder Bradshaw

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