Monday, April 6, 2015

A new place...Paita!


Well,  I'm writing from............PAITA! 

I got transferred and now I am in PAITA.  Its a small port in a huge bay.  Looks like everyone fishes, and I live like 5 or 10 minutes from the beach.  The first thing we did today was go and play soccer on the beach.  Super cool!  My new comp is from Arequipa, Peru.  His name is Elder Nuñez, and I really think that we are going to have a wonderful time together.  He's a real humble dude, and I am pumped to work with him.

From the beginning of my mission, I have always wanted to finish in Paita.  Its an hour away from Piura, but its got more culture, and its right on the ocean.  The pic I sent is where we played soccer.  Then we ate in a restaurant looking over the ocean and where they load up the huge cargo barges.   SO COOL.  Its less hot here, and I am super pumped.

Played soccer here this morning and then ate lunch looking over the ocean...awesome. (Comp: Elder Nuñez)
 This week was pretty eventful...I extended my mission, had conference, received my transfer, and said goodbye to everyone.  Pretty crazy!

First off, with my decision to extend.  So...I told you all last week, but as soon as we left the internet cafe, I began to doubt, and had two or three days in serious doubts about what I should do.  I realized that I would rather be home, but then I realized that God had answered my prayers.  I got pretty stressed out, then I had a couple of great experiences were I truly realized that God wants me to stay.  Then I told president and he was happy with it.  I know that this is what God wants me to do.  I just need to remember that.  It's also what I want to do.  I feel really good about it, and am pumped to be here in my new area.  I know it's where I should be.  If you can help me out a bit....JULY 1 does not exist to me now!  It's all about August 10


Conference was incredible.  We were able to see it in our church building which was pretty awesome.  IT kinda stunk too, because the wi-fi kept on skipping out, and we had to watch it all in Español which is harder too.  My two favorites were the two Latino guys that spoke in the last sessions.  They really answered lots of questions for me and helped me realize a few things.  Loved it!  We didn't get to hear that of Holland or Uchtdorf because the wi-fi signal went out.  But I just downloaded them.

Transfers kinda stink in couple of ways, because you have to pack up everything, then you have to say goodbye to everyone, then you have to write a bunch of notes, then you are tired and have to travel, readjust to a new area, comp, and everything else.  It's going to be a little bit harder this week, but I am excited.  It'll be awesome.  Love Paita.  This week I had to say goodbye to everyone, but it wasn't too hard, because when it's my last day in the mission, they'll give me time to visit Miguel Grau and to say a final goodbye.  I never felt like I fit in as much in Miguel Grau as I did in Puyango, but I still liked it, and had a good experience.  And now...I'm on to a new stage.  Attached is a photo with the Family Seminario, my pensionista and her crazy family that I love.

I am doing wonderful!  I am happy to be where I am and to lift where I stand.  Love my area and my comp and am excited to see what's ahead this week!  Love you all soooooo much

ELder Bradshaw

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