Monday, April 20, 2015

Going to bed better than when we wake up

Sometimes it blows my mind to think that I have been here for almost two full years.  Two full years!!

That is so much time! Think about it! Two

This week was a long long week. One of those ‘faith testers’.

I was sick with a cold, and my comp with the stomach bug, so it was just a little bit slower, but we did our best and when we could...we  worked SUPER hard.

Well, our area is basically bone dry of investigators, but that just means there are still a lot, but they are just hiding. :)  We knocked a lot of doors, and always came back to our room dead tired. But that is how its supposed to be. Mission work was never easy, nor will it ever be.

Even though I am tired, and whipped everyday....I feel satisfied every time I lay down to sleep. And that is what makes me happy.

Everyday is just a new challenge to make our circumstance, our area, our friendship, our family, our home, our work, our world better. And if we go to bed living in the same circumstances with what we woke up with, we failed. We have to act, and not just let the circumstances define our success and character. ...And that’s the thought that I had this morning, when I was in the moto taxi...going to go beach.

Its hard though sometimes, when the agenda is empty, and the rejection is full. But it’s all good.

We did find three possible families to teach. The three are PF, or part member families, and I feel that all three have a good chance to progress, even though the members that are in the this point are inactive. We have taught one of them, and we have appointments planned for this week with the two others. Let’s PRAY they go well!

We have the baptism of Hna Santos. She is 75 years old, but is pretty excited for her baptism. I have only taught her for two weeks, so I am happy that she will be baptized.

The branch here is full of great members.  It’s kinda like an old car that was fixed with old parts of different cars...meaning that they all quite haven’t quite found the balance and ability to work all together, but they are wonderful people and I love them a lot.  We are working TONS with them to find new people. There is a family of members that live in our area, and they have a restaurant in their home...and every time we visit them, they give us some incredible food. And super awesome.

Funny story?
...So this week, we all gave talks in sacrament meeting, and when the sister missionary was talking, a little girl just sneaks up, and stands right in front of the sister between her and the pulpit. The sister just kept on talking, and the girl just started repeating the things she said. No one did anything for like2 full minutes, then some guy runs up and pulls the little girl away screaming in the middle of sacrament meeting. jaja just some of the funny things that happen when you are in a little branch.

How’s the finding going?
Pretty poorly, still in ‘finding mode’, and looking to find someone who is really prepared.

How’s your health?
Good, we eat really really healthy here.

Do you have a pensionista in this area?  Do they all cook the same type of things or are some better than others?
I love my pensionista here. It’s a young family, and they are just awesome. We get along great.  The food she cooks isn’t too tasty, but it’s super clean and healthy, so it’s all good. In Piura, the food was a mine field. jaja In Peru, the food is all really good, and there are only a  few plates that I truly don’t like. It’s just hard because they are all very similar, and it’s always just chicken and rice, chicken and rice, chicken and rice, fish and rice, chicken and rice...always. But it’s all good.

How’s the branch?
The branch is strong, and has like 100 people who attend!  They are just learning how to really work hard and getting themselves organized.

P-day fun?
We went fishing today and to an AWESOME beach...Super fun! We always go to the beach here for p-day, which I love.

What do most people there do for work?
If your from fish.  Or you take the fish off the boat.  Or you work in the fish factories. Thats basically everything. jaja

Mission stuff going on?
Nothing really. With my transfer, there aren’t too many interesting things that happen, just work.

How can we support you in your work?
You can support me by reading the BOM everyday and doing your FHE every week.  Those things matter.

Love you all a lot!

You are all great. I cant wait to be at Lake Powell with you all.

Love you!

Elder Bradshaw

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